Advertising comes to Twitter’s embedded timelines

Twitter has been releasing a variety tools for publishing its content beyond Twitter itself. Now it’s giving publishers an additional incentive — monetization through the company’s MoPub ad exchange.

Previously, if a web publisher or app developer embedded a timeline from Twitter, they could run ads on the same page, but not on the timeline itself. That’s changing today, with Twitter announcing the beta test of a method for showing MoPub ads directly in Twitter Kit timelines on both iOS and Android.

Twitter Kit + MoPub iOS example_light

And it’s all supposed to be enabled by just adding a few lines of code. The company writes:

This doesn’t just open up a new canvas for you to monetize. We’ve also taken care of all the ad rendering, so you don’t have to worry about performance or how to display the ads. Plus, we’ve made sure that ads match the theming and color preferences you set in Twitter Kit, so ads are distinct while they look and feel organic to the content in your app.

Besides giving publishers an additional revenue source, this could be important for Twitter’s business. As user growth slows, the company is hoping to reach (and make money from) more eyeballs outside the Twitter website and app.