MoPub’s New Dashboard Gives Developers One Place To Track Their Revenue Across Ad Networks

Startup MoPub aims to help mobile publishers and developers manage advertising from multiple ad networks and other sources. Today it’s adding a seemingly obvious-but-important feature — a dashboard where customers can actually see how each source is performing.

Marketing Director Elain Szu said that until now, publishers haven’t really been able to see this data in one place. Instead, they’d have to go to each individual network, and even within MoPub, they had to access their data by pulling offline reports. Bringing all the results together has been a technical challenge, she says, but the real issue is that “nobody has taken the time to think about what insights they are trying to drive.”

“The idea is to give publishers a really clear and comprehensive view of those high-level metrics to their business,” she says. “It’s less about tactically executing their changes.”

As you can see in the screenshot above, the dashboard shows revenue, impressions, pricing, clickthrough rates, and fill rates, all broken down by source. When publishers can see this data in a single dashboard, it’s easier to spot the campaigns and networks that are performing well, to see the ones that are underperforming, and then to adjust the way they allocate ad inventory accordingly.

Szu said the goal is to make the dashboard useful for customers whether they’re a lone developer who’s managing their ad inventory on their own or the chief marketing officer/chief revenue officer of a larger publisher (who might be less involved in making day-to-day changes but is still looking for a broader sense of how their strategy is panning out).

In an email statement, Jon Schlegel, founder and CEO of Optime Software (publisher of games including Hearts Free and Hangman Free) said, “This is exactly what I need to keep tabs on my monetization strategy. It has everything we need from our ad network performance to MoPub Marketplace data in one place, so I can focus on our users and spend less time chasing down data.”

After an invite-only beta test, MoPub is making the dashboard available to all of its users today, Szu said. The company announced in May that it has reached a $100 million revenue run rate.