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Nintendo shares hit 8-year high as cult title Monster Hunter is announced for Switch

Nintendo is unleashing a monster title on the Switch — quite literally — after Capcom revealed plans to bring its Monster Hunter franchise to the console with the upcoming M

Report: Nintendo 3DS Gets “Slide Pad” Add-On (First Pic)

This week's issue of the Famitsu, Japan's biggest video game magazine, is due out tomorrow, but gaming geek <a href="!/south1996">@south1996</a> appears to have made an early and p

Sony Outs "Classic White" PS3, PSP "Monster Hunter" Edition And Pink PS3 Controller

<img src="" /> The firmware update for making the PS3 <a href="

Ten million PSPs sold in Japan, Monster Hunter rocks

In a bit of surprising news, it seems the PSP is actually thriving over in Nippon. Everyone thinks of Japan as a Nintendo stronghold, especially when it comes to handhelds, but the truth is that the P