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Niantic is making a real-world ‘Monster Hunter’ game

While Pok√©mon GO is still Niantic’s most popular game, the company is trying to diversify its portfolio of games by announcing a new game. Niantic announced a partnership with Capcom today to l

Elden Ring made me a FromSoftware believer

Elden Ring is the latest game in the storied tradition of punishing, mysterious titles by developer FromSoftware, following fiercely loved hits like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. I’ve wa

Nintendo shares hit 8-year high as cult title Monster Hunter is announced for Switch

Nintendo is unleashing a monster title on the Switch — quite literally — after Capcom revealed plans to bring its Monster Hunter franchise to the console with the upcoming M

Report: Nintendo 3DS Gets “Slide Pad” Add-On (First Pic)

This week's issue of the Famitsu, Japan's biggest video game magazine, is due out tomorrow, but gaming geek <a href="!/south1996">@south1996</a> appears to have made an early and p

Sony Outs "Classic White" PS3, PSP "Monster Hunter" Edition And Pink PS3 Controller

<img src="" /> The firmware update for making the PS3 <a href="

Ten million PSPs sold in Japan, Monster Hunter rocks

In a bit of surprising news, it seems the PSP is actually thriving over in Nippon. Everyone thinks of Japan as a Nintendo stronghold, especially when it comes to handhelds, but the truth is that the P