Wix Buys Moment.Me For $10M To Add Social Marketing To Its Website Building Platform started life as an app that let users create albums aggregated from pictures and other media posted on social networks, before moving away from that last year to launch a new service buildi

Automatic Album Maker Launches A New Service For Mobile Event Websites

Apps that help users make sense of their ever-growing photo collections through automatic organization and curation would seem to make sense, and offer a service people need. But over the past year or

Automatic Album Maker Arrives On Android, Adds A “Manual Mode” Mode To Boost Engagement

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, a startup that debuted its automatic, social albums application for iPhone this past fall, has made its way to Android. The app allows users

Moment.Me For iPhone Creates Shared Albums With Photos, Videos, & Tweets From You & Friends

<a target="_blank" href=""></a> is a newly launched iPhone application which automatically aggregates photos, videos and tweets from social networks, and then organizes them