Automatic Album Maker Launches A New Service For Mobile Event Websites

Apps that help users make sense of their ever-growing photo collections through automatic organization and curation would seem to make sense, and offer a service people need. But over the past year or so, we’ve seen these types of startups fail, pivot or simply stagnate. Everpix is no more, for example. Tracks shifted, launching a new app called Kanvas for photo-editing. Flayvr has yet to see mainstream adoption.

And today, Tel Aviv-based startup joins the fray, with a new business that sees it distancing itself from the automatic, social photo album space, with the launch of a new service focused on building mobile websites for events.

These “microsites,” as the company calls them, are meant to serve as online pop-up shops for events, including things like concerts, sporting events, film festivals, and more. Today, information about an event can be found across the web, on the sites belonging to the artist, the band, the promoter, the sports team, the venue itself, and on blogs and social media, co-founder Eilon Tirosh explains.

The new microsite creation service essentially repurposes’s aggregation technology for this (the team hopes, eventually profitable) new venture, allowing event organizers, bands or teams to quickly launch a mobile website that serves as the hub for everything there is to know about the event in question.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.53.10 AM

The idea is to make building the microsite as simple as using any other consumer-facing service, with no coding required. After entering in the event time and location (or pulling in those details from a Facebook page), the service then pulls in the top content from social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while also allowing for further customization, like adding maps, details on where to eat or drink nearby, links to ticket or merchandise sales, sharing features, and more. The resulting sites work well on any form factor, whether desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

While the basic microsite builder will remain free, the company offers premium features for commercial events that will allow for additional customization and levels of engagement. is also in discussions with others in the event industry, like ticketing companies for example, for further integrations.

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Site creation is currently available online, though the company notes it will also be offered within the iPhone application. was founded in February 2012 in Tel Aviv by Ronny Elkayam, Eilon Tirosh, and Boaz Adato. It has $1.5 million in seed funding from Blumberg Capital and other private investors.