• Launches Android Tablet App Launches Android Tablet App, the financial service we first mentioned at TechCrunch40 in 2007 (wow, that seems like a long time ago), announced that they have launched a new native app specifically for 9 and 10 inch Android tablets running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. This new app, available in the Android Market, will join the previously available versions for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones. Read More

  • Mint Founder’s New Project, Swift, Studies Personal Maglev Vehicles

    Mint Founder’s New Project, Swift, Studies Personal Maglev Vehicles

    Aaron Patzer, the founder of Mint, has a new project that he is spending half his time on (he continues to spend the other half as VP of Product Innovation at Intuit, which acquired Mint two years ago for $170 million). His new project is called Swift, and it is his vehicle (if you will) to exlore the feasibility of building a personal maglev vehicle transit system. “The goal is to see if… Read More

  • Apple’s Lion Creates Dilemma For Older Quicken Fans

    Apple’s Lion Creates Dilemma For Older Quicken Fans

    Intuit’s “Quicken 2007 for the Mac” users have a problem. The personal financial accounting software is not going to work under Lion, Apple’s new OS 10.7, due to be released as early as Wednesday. Intuit suggests three solutions. But each has its own flaws, especially if you want to track investments, reconcile your financial statements or not have to buy 3… Read More

  • Money Dashboard, the UK's answer to, exits beta with consumer push

    Money Dashboard, which can be thought of as a for the UK, gets its consumer launch today. Running in some form of beta since December 2009, the startup, which is funded to the tune of £2m, provides an online service for consumers to manage their finances via a dashboard that aggregates data – balances and transactions – from online bank accounts and credit cards etc. Read More

  • Over A Year After Its Acquisition, Is Mint Still Fresh?

    Here at TechCrunch, we’ve long been fans of personal finance site Mint, which won our first TechCrunch40 conference in 2007 and was acquired two years later by Intuit for an impressive $170 million. But things may not be going gangbusters at the company these days. We’ve learned that in the next month, three key employees from the original, pre-acquisition team will be leaving… Read More

  • Toshl wants to become the of Europe, if the banks will let them

    While attending an exhausting, snowy yet insightful LeWeb in Paris, the TechCrunch Europe team met with a variety of startups and founders. One of them is a recently launched Slovenian company called Toshl, which gives people a well-designed mobile app to track their day to day expenses. Both the web interface and the mobile version, which is available for most mobile phones such as iPhone… Read More

  • Wesabe Co-founder Explains Why They Lost To Mint, Blames Himself

    Marc Hedlund, co-founder and former CEO of personal finance company Wesabe, has penned a refreshingly honest and open take on why he thinks the startup lost to rival Mint. The latter launched later than Wesabe (and won the top prize at the TechCrunch40 conference back in 2007) and was later acquired by Intuit for $170 million, while Wesabe had a less stellar exit and hit the deadpool last June. Read More

  • Money Dashboard Bids To Become The For The UK

    Money Dashboard, which is shooting to become the for the UK, launched its open beta today, coming out of a period in closed Beta which, they say, was “massively over-subscribed” after its appearance in October. The site recently completed a funding round, securing £1 million of investment via a consortium of investors. It also has a lot less competition now that main… Read More

  • Offermatic Is The Freak Love Child Of Mint, Groupon And Blippy

    The best way to describe Offermatic is this – imagine if Mint, Blippy and Groupon went off to Vegas for the weekend, got wasted and ended up in bed together. Nine months later, out pops Offermatic. Like Mint, Offermatic is a front end user interface to Yodlee’s robust financial network. And the service digs through your credit card transactions just like Blippy does (although… Read More

  • The Mint Automatic Roboswiffer: Like Roomba but more like Robocop

    What the deuce? This looks like some sort of Swiffer/robot cyborg that mated with an Apple power supply. Apparently the Mint floor cleaner is available for $249 and is now on pre-order. The sweeper dusts and wet mops floors and you can add Swiffer cloths to it. It’s much smaller than the Roomba and I’d actually wager it’s a bit more handsome. This is truly an exciting time… Read More

  • Win A Mentoring Session With Founders Of Digg, Flickr, Mint, Ning, Slide Or Zynga

    Are you a budding Web entrepreneur who would like some pointers or advice from seasoned company founders? MayField Fund and First Round Capital are sponsoring a raffle to give away mentoring sessions with the founders of Digg (Jay Adelson), Flickr (Caterina Fake), Mint (Aaron Patzer), Ning (Gina Bianchini), Slide (Max Levchin), and Zynga (Mark Pincus). The raffle will take place at a… Read More

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