• Win A Mentoring Session With Founders Of Digg, Flickr, Mint, Ning, Slide Or Zynga

    Are you a budding Web entrepreneur who would like some pointers or advice from seasoned company founders? MayField Fund and First Round Capital are sponsoring a raffle to give away mentoring sessions with the founders of Digg (Jay Adelson), Flickr (Caterina Fake), Mint (Aaron Patzer), Ning (Gina Bianchini), Slide (Max Levchin), and Zynga (Mark Pincus). The raffle will take place at a… Read More

  • Top Tech Acquisitions Of 2009

    We track a lot of acquisitions on CrunchBase.  At the beginning of 2009, acquisitions were at a standstill.  But as the economy begrudgingly roused itself from recession, the deal flow started to pick up in the summer, and then rebounded more in the third quarter.  There are still a couple weeks left in the year, and a lot can still happen, such as Google buying Yelp for more than… Read More

  • Mint Study Shows That Holiday Shoppers Are Back In Action

    Feel like this holiday season is a bit cheerier than last year’s? You’re not alone. According to some new data from personal finance site Mint (which was acquired by Intuit for $170 million earlier this year), the holiday season has been accompanied by a major bounce in consumer spending. After a dismal shopping season in 2008, many retailers specializing in everything from… Read More

  • Mint Explains Why The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17.2 Percent

    The U.S. unemployment numbers are out today, and most headlines will show that the U.S. unemployment rate in November was 10.0 percent, down from 10.2 percent in October. That number is depressingly large, but even that under-counts the true number of unemployed. For instance, it doesn’t count those people who don’t have a job and have given up looking for one, or those who… Read More

  • Bessemer Snags a "Designer In Residence" From

    Venture capitalists like to hire well known entrepreneurs and executives as “entrepreneurs in residence.” These are short term jobs, a place for someone to park themselves for up to a year or so after they’ve sold their company or otherwise have moved on. They sit in on pitch meetings, advise partners and portfolio companies, and plan their next move. And the VC generally… Read More

  • Mint's Aaron Patzer: "We Will End-Of-Life Quicken Online" In Six to Nine Months

    Yesterday, Intuit closed on its previously announced $170 million acquisition of personal budgeting site Mint, making Mint founder and CEO Aaron Patzer the new vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Personal Finance Group. He is now in charge of not only, but also all of Quicken’s online and desktop products. What will his first order of business be? I spoke to… Read More

  • Startups 101: The Complete Mint Presentation

    Last night I posted the video of Mint CEO Aaron Patzer’s 45 minute presentation on building startups from the ground up. If you are an aspiring startup entrepreneur, you’ll want to watch that more than a few times. The candid disclosures and advice he gives is rarely seen in Silicon Valley. Some readers requested to see the presentation deck as well, so here it is. Patzer shows how… Read More

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Startup Building But Were Afraid To Ask

    Let’s say you have an idea for a startup. How do you begin the process of finding cofounders and employees, creating a corporation, handing investors, growing the company, etc.? There are lots of details about building a startyp that are usually a mystery to the newly initiated founder. Usually you have to learn this stuff on the job, making mistakes along the way. But not anymore. Read More

  • Mint Widget And Other YAP Apps Make It To Yahoo's Home Page

    With the new Yahoo homepage that was previewed last July and is now rolling out more broadly as part of Yahoo’s new “It’s Y!ou” branding exercise, the main Yahoo homepage is taking on more of the personalization features on MyYahoo. There are all sorts of handy widgets in the left-hand column ranging from Facebook status updates to Gmail to any news feed (just type in… Read More

  • Mint Is Yodlee's YouTube

    A lot of people at Adobe weren’t all that happy when YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. After all, YouTube was just a pretty front end to the core Flash web video technology created by Adobe. YouTube got rich. Adobe got peanuts. Mint, which sold to Intuit earlier this week for $170 million, is Yodlee’s YouTube. That’s because, like YouTube, the core… Read More

  • TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    Now more than ever, personal finance education and help is crucial to anyone’s financial health., a former TechCrunch 40 company who won the top prize at the conference, has grown incredibly since its launch and was recently acquired by Intuit for $170 million. TechCrunch50 startup LearnVest is serving a different purpose when it comes to online finances; the startup focuses… Read More

  • The Value of TechCrunch50: Mint Acquired by Intuit for $170m Two Years After Winning TC40.

    Aaron Patzer is the CEO and founder of, a personal finance site that launched two years ago at TechCrunch40. Last night the news broke that Mint is being acquired for $170 million by Intuit. Today, exactly two years after launching at TechCrunch40, I’m excited to announce that has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Intuit for about $170m. Intuit, a… Read More

  • Intuit To Acquire (Former TechCrunch50 Winner) Mint For $170 Million

    Intuit will acquire the free online personal finance service Mint, we’ve confirmed from a source close to the deal, for around $170 million. Silicon Alley Insider first reported a rumor on this. The deal should be announced in the next few days. Update: CEO Aaron Patzer has just confirmed the deal on-stage at TechCrunch50, and written a guest post describing The Value of TechCrunch50… Read More

  • Mint is Worth A Mint: $140 Million Valuation

    More information is coming in about that $14 million third round of financing that personal finance service Mint closed last month. That financing, we’ve heard from two sources close to the company, valued Mint at a whopping $140 million post-money valuation. That’s not bad for a company that launched just two years ago – Mint won the top prize at TechCrunch50 2007. In a… Read More

  • Is Mint Going After Freshbooks? Its New Features Point In That Direction.

    Personal finance tracking site added a bunch of new budgeting and trending features today. Mint presents consumers with a financial dashboard based on spending and income data from their bank, credit card, and other financial accounts. It expanded its charts to include spending over time, income history, asset allocation, and net worth over time. You can now plan for irregular… Read More

  • Full Details On Mint's $14 Million Series C Round

    Mint, the popular personal finance site that won 2007’s TechCrunch40 conference, has closed a new $14 million Series C funding round. Silicon Alley Insider discovered the round in an SEC filing this morning, and we’ve just gotten off the phone with CEO Aaron Patzer, who confirmed the deal and filled us in on the details. The $14 million round was led by DAG Ventures, and also… Read More

  • OpenSocial Apps Invade MyYahoo: Mint, kaChing, WordPress, And More

    Yahoo just opened its doors to a bunch of new OpenSocial apps. People who use MyYahoo as a startpage can now add apps from Mint, KaChing, WordPress, and more. The apps include a small view which appear on your MyYahoo page, but can also open up into a canvas view (which is essentially a dedicated page on Yahoo for that particular app). The Mint app, for instance, gives you a dashboard view… Read More

  • Mint Turns Personal Finance Into A Game. It's Better Than It Sounds

    Mint, the popular personal finance site that won 2007’s TechCrunch40, is launching a new feature called “Financial Fitness” which, strange as it may sound, adds an element of gaming to the service. Yes, it may sound like a bizarre combination at first – personal finance and fun aren’t exactly two things that go hand in hand. But it’s also a smart move… Read More

  • Wesabe Meets Mint In The iPhone Finance App Arena

    When it comes to startups in the online personal finance sphere, most people think of Mint. But another player in the space, Wesabe, has been holding its own as well, seeing some nice growth in the past year. Which one you use is probably a matter of personal taste, but perhaps you were mesmerized by Mint’s slick iPhone app. Well, now Wesabe has one as well. So how do the apps stack up? Read More

  • Quicken Online Can't Believe Mint Is Doing So Well; Sends Threatening Letter

    Intuit, the company behind the well-known Quicken suite of money management software that includes Quicken Online, can’t believe how well its competitor Mint is doing. In fact, they were so bewildered by Mint’s claims of gaining 3,000 new users a day and jumping from 600,000 to 850,000 users in a matter of months that they decided to send a threatening letter demanding an… Read More