Mesosphere changes name to D2IQ, shifts focus to Kubernetes, cloud native

Mesosphere was born as the commercial face of the open-source Mesos project. It was surely a clever solution to make virtual machines run much more efficiently, but times change and companies change.

Mesosphere hauls in $125 M Series D investment

Mesosphere, a company that created an operating system of sorts for the modern datacenter, announced today that it has raised $125 million for their Series D round. Today’s investment brings tot

Microsoft’s rebranded Azure Container Service shifts its focus to Kubernetes

As far as container orchestration goes, Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto standard, even as Docker Swarm and Mesos/Mesosphere DC/OS continue to find their own niches. For the longest time, M

Mesosphere adds Kubernetes support to its data center operating system

Mesosphere, which was one of the early companies to adopt containers and which focuses on allowing businesses to run their big data and analytics workloads in the cloud, today announced that it now al

Mesosphere’s DC/OS adds more one-click integrations and better support for machine learning workloads

Mesosphere is launching an updated version of its DC/OS platform for running microservices and big data applications in private and public clouds. Version 1.9 of DC/OS is a significantly bigger releas

HPE becomes a Mesosphere reseller

HPE today announced that it has signed a global reseller agreement with Mesosphere to bring that company’s container-centric DC/OS platform to its customer’s data centers. HPE’s i

Let’s define “container-native”

There should be a new definition for container-native that aims to better represent the magnitude of impact that containers will have on software development and operations.

Mesosphere open sources its data center OS

Mesosphere‘s Data Center Operating System (DC/OS) aims to allow developers and admins to treat a data center as a single computer that runs applications in software containers. It’s based

Microsoft’s Azure Container Service is now generally available

Azure Container Service, Microsoft’s container scheduling and orchestration service for its Azure cloud computing service, is now generally available. The service, which allows its users to cho

Mesosphere raises $73.5M Series C led by HPE, with Microsoft as strategic investor

Mesosphere, the container-centric company that aims to help enterprises better utilize their data centers with the help of its Data Center Operating System (DCOS), today announced that it has raised

Mesosphere’s Valuation Could Hit Around $600M In Latest Financing Round

We’re hearing from sources that Mesosphere, a company that’s built on the open-source project Apache Mesos, is raising a financing round at a valuation that could be as much as $600 mill

Mesosphere And Microsoft Bring Mesos To Windows Server

Mesosphere, the company that aims to build a container-centric "operating system for the data center" based on the Apache Mesos project, is giving the first public demo of Mesos running on the preview

Mesosphere Launches SDK And Developer Program For Its Data Center Operating System

Mesosphere, the company that aims to build an operating system for the data center, today announced the launch of its developer program and SDK. Using the SDK, developers will be able to write applica

Mesosphere Hits General Availability, Launches Free Community Edition And Paid Enterprise Version

Mesosphere's container-centric Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), the product the company has been building toward since it launched in 2013, hit general availability today. As a part of this launch,

Why Apps Need A New Data Center Stack

The Internet has changed a lot about people’s lives in the past couple decades. Web and mobile applications let us search for information, buy products, and communicate frictionlessly, from anywhere

Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System Lands On Microsoft Azure And AWS

Mesosphere's mission to build a container-centric service that allows developers to treat a data center with all of its various servers as a single entity is starting to come to fruition. Today, the c

Mesosphere Brings Support For Google’s Kubernetes To Its Operating System For The Data Center

Google would like its Kubernetes project to become the standard for interacting with large computing clusters and containers. Mesosphere, which also has a strong focus on containers, is trying to esta

Mesosphere Snags OrlyAtomics In Talent Acquisition Deal

Mesosphere bought OrlyAtomics, a database technology company today in what appears to be a straight talent acquisition deal. The four OrlyAtomics engineers will become part of the Mesosphere team im

Mesosphere Comes To The Google Cloud Platform, Integrates Google’s Open Source Kubernetes Project

Google and <a target="_blank" href="">Mesosphere</a> today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> a partnership that brings support for

Mesosphere Grabs $10M In Series A Funding To Transform Server Management

Mesosphere, a Silicon Valley startup based on the open source Apache Mesos project, announced $10.5M in Series A funding today. The funding round is led by Andreessen Horowitz with help from Data Col
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