Matt Murphy

How today’s startup market isn’t like 1999, and what you need to raise a hot Series A

As 2021 wound down, The Exchange wanted to dig into what might happen if the startup music stopped playing. So we got veteran venture capitalist Matt Murphy on the phone to talk it over.

Developers and designers can help businesses manage the semiconductor shortage

The semiconductor shortage is going to continue to cause disruptions, so it is up to businesses to make changes now to set up their organizations as future-proof.

Daily Crunch: Airbnb raises another $1B

Airbnb turns to private equity for new funding, WhatsApp takes new steps to fight disinformation and another potential COVID-19 vaccine enters human trials. Here’s your Daily Crunch for April 7,

How SaaS startups should plan for a turbulent Q2

Let's talk about how Q2 is going to impact startups and how young companies might respond.

Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

Venture capital has been flooding the various subverticals under the robotics umbrella in recent years, and the construction space is one of the largest beneficiaries. Last November, we surveyed 13 of

Benchling’s software for managing biotech research nabs $34.5 million

In a field where the laboratory notebook is still considered the state of the art, it’s no wonder a company like Benchling, which provides software for managing life sciences research, was able

The shift to collaborative robots means the rise of robotics as a service

The 2018 Holiday shopping season was the biggest on record for e-commerce, with nearly $126 billion in online sales. But as e-commerce continues to expand, the demand for warehouse workers is growin

Veriflow raised $8.2 million to help IT pros avoid network outages and breaches

Remember when Target lost millions of customer credit card numbers to hackers who got in to their networks, of all things, through the company’s connected HVAC systems? A startup called Veriflow Sys

Menlo Ventures Brings On Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy, who left his role as a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers earlier this year, is joining Menlo Ventures as a managing director. Murphy will be focusing on enterprise i

Former Kleiner Kid Matt Murphy Heads To Menlo Ventures

Matt Murphy, formerly of Kleiner Perkins, is joining Menlo Ventures. The latter firm is currently investing a new $400 million fund. Murphy led Kleiner’s investment into Aerohive Networks, whi

Ramping Up: Mary Meeker's Latest Mobile Trend Slides

<img src=""> Today, Kleiner Perkins partners <a href="">Mary Meeker</a> (the forme