Market Share

  • iPhone sees big market share drop: Blame BlackBerry?

    Apple’s going to release the new iPhone just in the nick of time, as recent data shows its share of the smartphone market dropped 7.5 percent from Q4 2007 to Q1 2008. That’s a pretty big dip, it has to be said, and one that can almost wholly attributed to RIM’s increase. It went from 35.1 percent to 44.5 percent. But, really, numbers are boring unless you’re playing… Read More

  • Apple blows up in over-$1000 computer sales: 66 percent!

    Good show, old bean! Everyone knows that Apple is gaining market share in pretty much every sector, but even in their niche (the luxury market) who knew they had such a commanding lead? Fortune reports via Apple Watch (or vice versa) that Cupertino has increased their share of the $1000-plus computer market from 15% in January of 2006 to 66% by last count. What could have precipitated… Read More

  • Pundit: MacBooks could take 50% notebook share in a year/ Me: Prolly not

    I like to think that everyone will buy Macs. I buy Macs regularly and just bought one for my sister- and brother-in-law so they can join me in my OS X joy. But folks who say Apple can hit 50% market share in notebooks next year are deluding themselves. Jeremy Toeman believes in this delusion and his points are these: 1. Virtually all MacBook owners will recommend most MacBook models when asked
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  • Apple's market share and the curse of success

    Apple’s PC/laptop market share is now 20% in the US and 10% worldwide. That’s cause for celebration, right? The underdog, the computer for weenies and artists, is making inroads in the mainstream. The halo effect of the iPod and the iPhone is convincing kids to pick up a MacBook — or two — and make Apple shareholders happy. All is right with the world, right? Wrong. Read More

  • Apple Market Share Increases

    In the past, Apple has never been a big-enough player to top market share lists. But the past few years for the fruit straight outta Cupertino have been good ones. So good, that this year Apple got onto NDP’s top manufacturers list. Since Dell and manufacturers who sell direct aren’t included, the list is a bit off, but don’t let that spoil your excitement. Read More

  • Toshiba HD DVD May Gain Market Share With Lowered MSRP

    Lately, Blu-Ray seems to be lurching ahead with increased sales and growing appeal. But come April 1st, the tables may turn for Sony and its next-gen format. According to several retailers who posted on the AVS Forums, Toshiba will be updating its MSRP on the HD-A2 HD-DVD Player to $399, the HD-A20 to $499, and the HD-XA2 to $799. These new prices (especially the A2’s) should lure in… Read More

  • Apple Gains Market Share

    Data released by Gartner indicates that in the past 12 months, Apple Mac sales have grown 31 percent from 744,000 to 975,000 units. The gain places Apple fourth in US shipments with 6.1 percent market share, just behind Gateway’s 6.4 percent US market tally. Despite falling 7.1 percent, Dell continues to lead the US market with a 32.1 percent share. While HP has experienced a lot of… Read More