• Be Sure To Wish Super Mario A Happy 25th Birthday Today

    Guess who turns 25 today? Super Mario, everyone’s favorite Italian plumber from Brooklyn who, somehow, is as adept at baseball, soccer, and tennis as he is at stomping on Bowser’s shell. Have I done any research on the subject? No, but the Guardian has, thank goodness, and I will more than happily link to their handiwork. Read More

  • Two DIY guitars make it easy to start your N3RDCOR3 band

    I got my Millenium Falcon six-string
    Bought it down on Tatooine
    Played ’til my fingers bled
    It was summer of ’69 Me and some guys from school
    Had a Band and we tried real hard
    Mario quit and Chewie got married
    I shoulda’ known we’d never get far Read More

  • Bug in Super Smash Bros. Melee unlocks da CRAAAAW Deep within the 2001 GameCube game Super Smash Bros. Melee lurks a hidden playable character – the game’s boss, Master Hand. By performing a deft controller maneuver that essentially tricks the game into grabbing Master Hand’s player data before it is overwritten (watch the video), you can flick characters off the screen… Read More

  • MarioMarathon 3, a Mario-fest for charity, is happening now Streaming by Ustream.TV Some dudes in Lafayette, Indiana are going to play 800 levels of Mario, from SMB to Super Mario Sunshine. Last year they spent 96 hours playing and this year should be even more impressive. You can watch them go to it right here and you can Donate to Child’s Play right here as they fight through the magical land of… Read More

  • Sneak Peek: Super Mario Galaxy 2

    If you enjoyed taking your favorite Italian plumber into space the first time around, you’ll have even more fun with the sequel. Scheduled to be released May 23rd, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is anything but a rehash of the original. Nintendo was kind enough to give us a demo of some of the new goodies you can expect. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. Read More

  • Sad: Captain Lou Albano, who played Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has died

    I am so sorry, you guys. I was AFK yesterday, and no one else on Team CG thought it was important to bring you this sad news: Captain Lou Albano, who you may remember as Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, passed away yesterday. He was 76. Read More

  • Who is the greatest game hero? You decide!

    Two game characters enter, one game character leaves. In the ultimate face off, gamers get to vote for their favorite gaming hero of all time. The current match up (as of this moment) is Mario vs. Gordon Freeman. Read More

  • It's AI Mario!

    Devin posted the first AI Mario run last night and now there’s a longer – and better – one. This one even includes an exciting techno beat in the background which means someone out there dragged an MP3 into Movie Maker. Read More

  • The Mario family tree

    I doubt that many of us knew just how vast the Mario family tree was. This infograph, made by a dedicated gamer, clearly shows the 28 year history of the brand. Yes, the graph really isn’t really in true family tree format, but as the creator points out, it’s just a video game and it works just fine the way it’s currently displayed. Read More

  • Video: Live action Super Mario Bros. on India's Got Talent

    I don’t know if this is more talent or imagination, but it’s fun to watch either way. Read More

  • Super Mario theme on stepper motors

    Eventually all music will be made this way: a 24-volt power supply, an Arduino board, and three stepper motors. In fact Akon is actually a simple stepper motor attached to a Vocoder and Pro Tools. Look it up! It’s true! One more video after the jump. Read More

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