MarioMarathon 3, a Mario-fest for charity, is happening now Streaming by Ustream.TV Some dudes in Lafayette, Indiana are going to play 800 levels of Mario, from SMB to Super Mario Sunshine. Last year they spent 96

Sneak Peek: Super Mario Galaxy 2

If you enjoyed taking your favorite Italian plumber into space the first time around, you’ll have even more fun with the sequel. Scheduled to be released May 23rd, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is anythi

Sad: Captain Lou Albano, who played Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has died

<img src="" />I am so sorry, you guys. I was AFK yesterday, and no one else on Team CG thought it was important to bring you this sad new

Who is the greatest game hero? You decide!

<img src="" />Two game characters enter, one game character leaves. In the ultimate face off, gamers get to vote for their favorite gaming

It's AI Mario!

Devin posted the first AI Mario run last night and now there’s a longer – and better – one. This one even includes an exciting techno beat in the background which means someone out t

The Mario family tree

I doubt that many of us knew just how vast the Mario family tree was. This infograph, made by a dedicated gamer, clearly shows the 28 year history of the brand. Yes, the graph really isn’t reall

Video: Live action Super Mario Bros. on India's Got Talent

I don’t know if this is more talent or imagination, but it’s fun to watch either way.

Super Mario theme on stepper motors

Eventually all music will be made this way: a 24-volt power supply, an Arduino board, and three stepper motors. In fact Akon is actually a simple stepper motor attached to a Vocoder and Pro Tools. Loo

Conan O'Brien acknowledges Super Mario set design

<img src="" />Someone on Conan O'Brien's staff reads the Internet! Yes, last night Conan addressed the fact that his set for The Tonight S

Video: Mario warps to Chicago, hilarity ensues

<img src=""><a HREF="">Matthew Dominick</a> made this clever Mario mash-up in which the plumb

Do do doo doo doo DOOT!

These are showing up around New York. “Sorry, Mario, the Princess is at Daffy’s!” via BBG

Super Mario gingerbread house looks delicious

Protip: Wear these cufflinks to ensure there’s no second date

Nothing says “well dressed man” like fine cufflinks. On the other hand, nothing says “I have no desire to date” like these cufflinks. Available from Etsy, everyone’s favorite peddler of home

Miyamoto wants "fresher" games: Sister, so do I

Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming god. He made some of the defining games of our generation and essentially defined the world as we know it when it comes to platformers and, to an extent, RPGs. That said,

Mario's Mistake

ROFL. You may or may not have seen this, but I just came across it and thought it was worth sharing. via Geekadelphia

Mod-chip-free Wii hack: The Wii is now 100% better

An almost foolproof method for hacking your Wii using the Twilight hack is out and looks to be the best and easiest way to mod your Wii I’ve seen. After adding the Homebrew Channel you simply do

Video: Wanna see the hardest Super Mario levels ever?

I swear to God, at 2:40 I tittered like a schoolgirl. Be sure to peruse YouTube for other such videos. via Nick McGlynn’s Tumblr

Mr. T navigates Mario in Mario Kart, a little part of me dies

Like all great men, Mr. T is in his twilight. As such, he is being trotted out to amuse geeks who barely remember him from the 1980s and are using his voice in GPS devices. Navtones used this excellen

Mario and Princess Peach tie the knot, here’s the cake

Yum. Look at this deliciously entertaining wedding cake, will you? It’s like Mario Kart meets Super Mario Galaxy meets whichever game features the Princess’ palace. Smart of them to move into her

Kid gets real Mario Party… awwwww

Audrey loves her kids very much. For her son Tanner’s birthday she created a Mario-themed party complete with cool invitations, costumes, coin boxes and even Koopa decorations. She bought green
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