• Super Mario theme on stepper motors

    Eventually all music will be made this way: a 24-volt power supply, an Arduino board, and three stepper motors. In fact Akon is actually a simple stepper motor attached to a Vocoder and Pro Tools. Look it up! It’s true! One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Conan O'Brien acknowledges Super Mario set design

    Someone on Conan O’Brien’s staff reads the Internet! Yes, last night Conan addressed the fact that his set for The Tonight Show looks an awful lot like Super Mario Bros. Read More

  • Video: Mario warps to Chicago, hilarity ensues

    Matthew Dominick made this clever Mario mash-up in which the plumber blows the warp whistle and ends up in Chicago, a city that probably already has a surfeit of mustachioed ethnic plumbers but could always use one more. Read More

  • Do do doo doo doo DOOT!

    These are showing up around New York. “Sorry, Mario, the Princess is at Daffy’s!”
    via BBG Read More

  • Super Mario gingerbread house looks delicious

    Hey guys, you’ll really “jump” for this one. You don’t have to be eating “mushrooms” to appreciate how “koopa kool” this Super Mario Brothers gingerbread house looks. Don’t bother “bowsering” around in “another castle” for a better house, okay? You’d be in a “cloud world” if you got to eat some of… Read More

  • Protip: Wear these cufflinks to ensure there’s no second date

    Nothing says “well dressed man” like fine cufflinks. On the other hand, nothing says “I have no desire to date” like these cufflinks. Available from Etsy, everyone’s favorite peddler of homemade haute couture, these clay Mario Mushrooms come in your choice of a pair of green or red. Or hell, mix the two if you want. You’re the master of your… Read More

  • Miyamoto wants "fresher" games: Sister, so do I

    Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming god. He made some of the defining games of our generation and essentially defined the world as we know it when it comes to platformers and, to an extent, RPGs. That said, homeboy has been slacking lately and he admits it. For example, he wants to make his games good at the core and not just, to use his cooking metaphor, sauce a nasty piece of meat in hopes of making… Read More

  • Mario's Mistake

    ROFL. You may or may not have seen this, but I just came across it and thought it was worth sharing. via Geekadelphia Read More

  • Mod-chip-free Wii hack: The Wii is now 100% better

    An almost foolproof method for hacking your Wii using the Twilight hack is out and looks to be the best and easiest way to mod your Wii I’ve seen. After adding the Homebrew Channel you simply download the loader, install CIOS and DVDX, install Wii loader, and burn a patched ISO to a DVD. Sound hard? It isn’t but you should probably stick to Mario Party. via Giz Read More

  • Video: Wanna see the hardest Super Mario levels ever?

    I swear to God, at 2:40 I tittered like a schoolgirl. Be sure to peruse YouTube for other such videos. via Nick McGlynn’s Tumblr Read More

  • Mr. T navigates Mario in Mario Kart, a little part of me dies

    Like all great men, Mr. T is in his twilight. As such, he is being trotted out to amuse geeks who barely remember him from the 1980s and are using his voice in GPS devices. Navtones used this excellent content to amuse us by making the poor old gentleman sound like he’s telling Mario where to go. It’s a sad day for novelty acts. Read More

  • Mario and Princess Peach tie the knot, here’s the cake

    Yum. Look at this deliciously entertaining wedding cake, will you? It’s like Mario Kart meets Super Mario Galaxy meets whichever game features the Princess’ palace. Smart of them to move into her place, too, since Mario lives in a garden level apartment in Brooklyn (as you’ll remember from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show). Peach’s place is probably a lot nicer… Read More

  • Kid gets real Mario Party… awwwww

    Audrey loves her kids very much. For her son Tanner’s birthday she created a Mario-themed party complete with cool invitations, costumes, coin boxes and even Koopa decorations. She bought green and red hats, marked them with L and M, and made funny mustaches. She then bought some goodie bags and even made a supercool cake with Mario on it. Let’s just say nobody ever made me a… Read More

  • And the award for best new company name goes to…

    There’s a company in the UK called SuperMario Plumbing and Heating. The owner, Mariusz “Mario” Gruzka, though likely not Italian, could perhaps pass as a real life version of the Mario that most of us know and love. He’s no Captain Lou Albano from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show (remember Zelda Fridays?), but he’ll do. There’s some loose talk going around… Read More

  • Mario Wii casemod: so subtle! so elegant!

    In case you’re tired of the Wii’s slim, understated style, now is your change to add a 3D mario busting out of it along with all the garish color the flying plumber is associated with. Be aware, this isn’t like a henna tattoo for your Wii, it appears to be permanent. I like the part of the instructions where Mario appears to be encased in a Carbonite Wii. Super Mario Bros. Read More

  • I Wanna Be The Guy speed run

    A great speed run of some kind of crazy 8-bit mash-up with few save points and even less overarching logic. My favorite is when the little guy ends up in Tetris. Game Page via Waxy via BB Read More

  • Video: Control 100 Marios with hand gestures

    Provided you can ignore the discomforting sing-along soundtrack that kicks in around 29 seconds, this video is more than capable of eating up a few minutes of your day. It shows Mario (then many Marios) being controlled by some sort of hand movement recognition technology. Think Sony EyeToy, but, somehow, more gimmicky. Wow that reminds me of LittleBigPlanet, a game I’m actually… Read More

  • Wii is gimmicky: I didn't say it, but I wish I had said it in exactly this same manner “You could transplant the head of Josef Goebbels on the body of a preying mantis and it would still compare favorably to Mario Sunshine.” Good lord. I’m home among my people. Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy [Escapist] Read More

  • Video: Syoban Action! Super Mario Bros. (as played if you're tripping balls)

    I can only guess that when Super Mario eats too much pizza, his dreams look more like this than Super Mario Bros. 2. I don’t know what’s going on here, but it gets better and better as it goes on. I really want to play this game. It’s times like this I wish I’d payed better attention in Japanese class, but it has something to do with Syobon Action. Read More

  • Mario Christmas stocking, Kuribo's Shoe edition

    This Mario Christmas stocking reminds me of a Leonardo one I had as a youngster. I used to get quality toys in that stocking, too, like X-Men action figures and X-Men action figure accessories. Created by Greg, a certain loyal Kotaku reader (who isn’t one?), it depicts our favorite plumber in a Kuribo’s Shoe, an exceedingly rare power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. It seems to me that… Read More