• Shapeways Opens LIC Print Factory | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: 3D Printing Wizards At Shapeways Show Us Their Brand New Queens Factory

    It’s rare to see a company that is so established yet so cutting edge as Shapeways. The company, founded in 2007 as a spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics, began as a one-off 3D printing service that offered basic plastic items for sale online. Over the years, however, the company has branched off into some amazing materials – steel, ceramic, and even sandstone – and… Read More

  • In Praise Of Slow Hardware

    In Praise Of Slow Hardware

    In all the discussions I’ve had with hardware makers about their products, one thing is becoming clear: in the end, the cheap part is never cheap. Take a look at this post about a Kickstarter project for example. A maker, Michael Ciuffo, had recently funded a very cool QR code clock that used a simple array of LEDs to display the time in QR code. Read More

  • Crafters Make One-Off Prints Thanks to Spoonflower | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: A Return To The Textile Economy At Durham’s Spoonflower

    Making custom fabric has long been the domain of the big guys. Trying anything new, whether it was having a swatch of cool fabric made or printing a custom logo on some slip covers, has required minimum investments of a few thousand dollars and lots of waiting. Spoonflower solved that. Founded by entrepreneurs Gart Davis and Stephen Fraser, this Durham, NC company began shipping fabric out of… Read More

  • Will Rockwell's Steampunk Creations | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: Inside Will Rockwell’s Steampunk Workshop

    Hidden amidst the winding pathways of Llewelyn Park, New Jersey, America’s oldest gated community, steampunk designer Will Rockwell is building a future that never was. He began his career as a TV producer but he always loved to tinker with metals, leather, and wood – the three components of good steampunk. After building a set of Rocketeer-style USB keys, friends turned him on… Read More

  • E-Commerce Site Grand St. Raises $1.3 Million To Give Makers A Place To Sell Their Gadgets

    E-Commerce Site Grand St. Raises $1.3 Million To Give Makers A Place To Sell Their Gadgets

    Online retailer Grand St. hopes to solve all that, by providing a marketplace to makers, helping to throw a spotlight on interesting gadgets that might otherwise fly under the radar. And to do that, the company has raised a seed round of funding worth $1.3 million. Read More

  • Adafruit Looks to Ignite DIY Electronics | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: A Walk Through Adafruit Industries With Limor Fried

    Since we started Makers I’ve made it a priority to try to visit Adafruit Industries, the amazing Manhattan-based electronics shop run by Limor Fried. Fried started her company out of her dorm room at MIT, building cool electronics kits for her friends. She slowly expanded into other hobbyist realms including Arduino add-ons, how-to books, and cases. Now her store is bustling with 1,302… Read More

  • Element Case | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: Engineering The Perfect iPhone Cover At Element Case

    A buddy of mine who lives in Shenzhen said that the best tech business to be in – the one that offers the most profit for the least amount of work – is soft goods, meaning cases, bags, and other paraphernalia. Don’t tell that to the guys at Element Case. Their amazing metal and wood iPhone cases take hours to build, months to design, and they look simply amazing. Read More

  • Red Hook Distillery Creates Small-Batch Spirits | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers: An Evening At The Van Brunt Stillhouse

    What do you do when you already have the coolest job in the world? You start a business where you can have another amazing job on evenings and weekends. Daric Schlesselman is an editor for the Daily Show in Manhattan who lives in deepest Red Hook, a small, cool community on the edge of Brooklyn. There he rents a former paint factory where he’s set up the Van Brung Stillhouse and… Read More

  • Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers: Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi

    When I first saw Bossa Nova Robotics Mobi I was amazed. It was a robot that stood on a single, large ball and could roll through tight spaces and between people. It seemed like a ludicrously cool circus trick. The folks at BNR were kind enough to give us a quick tour of their facility in Pittsburgh, Penn. where they’re commercializing the product and hope to bring it to market next year. Read More

  • Lady Ada AKA Limor Fried Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

    Lady Ada AKA Limor Fried Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

    While I don’t often hold stock in random pronouncements by magazines, I’m shocked and thrilled that Entrepreneur Magazine named Limor Fried, founder of Adafruit Industries, as their 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year. Limor runs a $4.5 million company with 25 employees and she produces some of the coolest electronic gadgets around. Read More

  • DIY Edition | Gift Guide 2012

    A Very Makers Gift Guide

    It’s been a weird year for hardware: the biggest, most news-worthy launches haven’t come out of Cupertino or Tokyo but out of small Kickstarter campaigns that have, in the end, raised millions of dollars. Makers, in other words, are finally getting their due. Read More