Tindie, The Gadgets Marketplace For Makers, Ramps Up

I met Emile Petrone, the raffish owner of gadget marketplace <a target="_blank" href="">Tindie</a>, a few weeks ago and he told me that I would like his site. It turns out I real

TC Makers: A Walk Through The Amazing Townhouse That Grado Labs Calls Home

<a target="_blank" href="">Grado Labs</a> appears to be a much bigger company than it is. Founded 60 years ago by Joseph Grado, the company made millions of phonograph cartridg

TC Makers: Check Out The Georgia Tech Invention Studio Where Students Build The Future

When you give Dr. Craig Forest an inch, he takes a mile. The mild-mannered Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Georgia Tech helped set up the Invention Studio on the first floor of a nondescript

TC Makers: Inside The American Giant Factory Where They Make The Greatest Hoodie Ever

When someone tells you they make the greatest hoodie ever, what do you do? You visit their factory outside of San Francisco and see just what all the fuss is about. Welcome to another edition of <a

TC Makers: A Walk Through The Pinball Hall Of Fame

Before Pac-Man, before Pong, before Space Invaders there was pinball. And it was good. While we were in Las Vegas this week for <a href="">CES 2014</a> we ha

TC Makers: An Evening With iRobot

Deep in the wilds outside of Boston a team of mad scientists created the ultimate in robotic life: the iRobot Roomba, the ubiquitous, world-famous automatic vacuum that, for many of us, is our first b

LittleBits Connects With $11.1M To Transform Its Electronics Kit Business Into A Hardware Platform

Big things are coming for <a target="_blank" href="">littleBits</a> -- the New York-based startup that makes lego-style electronics kits. The company, originally conceived by foun

Snapguide Picks Up Another $3M, Redesigns Its How-To iPhone App

<a target="_blank" href="">Snapguide</a>, the crowdsourced, how-to app founded by a veteran from Yahoo Pipes and another from Google's Chrome business, is not yet focused on g

Alabama-Based CMR Demos Programmable Magnets That Changes Polarity And Strength On A Whim

Magnets are pretty basic - some poles attract, some repel, and you can use them to hold stuff up on your fridge. However, what happens when magnets can be "programmed" to react in different ways? Hunt

Makerbot Opens New 50,000-Square-Foot Factory In Brooklyn

Makerbot, the hardware darling that <a href="">closed on a $10 million round of funding in 2011</a

TC Makers: 3D Printing Wizards At Shapeways Show Us Their Brand New Queens Factory

It's rare to see a company that is so established yet so cutting edge as Shapeways. The company, founded in 2007 as a spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics, began as a one-off 3D printing service that

In Praise Of Slow Hardware

In all the discussions I've had with hardware makers about their products, one thing is becoming clear: in the end, the cheap part is never cheap. Take a look at this <a target="_blank" href="http://c

TC Makers: A Return To The Textile Economy At Durham’s Spoonflower

Making custom fabric has long been the domain of the big guys. Trying anything new, whether it was having a swatch of cool fabric made or printing a custom logo on some slip covers, has required minim

TC Makers: Inside Will Rockwell’s Steampunk Workshop

Hidden amidst the winding pathways of Llewelyn Park, New Jersey, America's oldest gated community, steampunk designer Will Rockwell is building a future that never was. He began his career as a TV pro

E-Commerce Site Grand St. Raises $1.3 Million To Give Makers A Place To Sell Their Gadgets

Online retailer Grand St. hopes to solve all that, by providing a marketplace to makers, helping to throw a spotlight on interesting gadgets that might otherwise fly under the radar. And to do that, t

TC Makers: A Walk Through Adafruit Industries With Limor Fried

Since we started Makers I've made it a priority to try to visit <a target="_blank" href="">Adafruit Industries</a>, the amazing Manhattan-based electronics shop run by Limor Fri

TC Makers: Engineering The Perfect iPhone Cover At Element Case

A buddy of mine who lives in Shenzhen said that the best tech business to be in - the one that offers the most profit for the least amount of work - is soft goods, meaning cases, bags, and other parap

TechCrunch Makers: An Evening At The Van Brunt Stillhouse

What do you do when you already have the coolest job in the world? You start a business where you can have another amazing job on evenings and weekends. Daric Schlesselman is an editor for the Dai

TechCrunch Makers: Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi

When I first saw Bossa Nova Robotics Mobi I was amazed. It was a robot that stood on a single, large ball and could roll through tight spaces and between people. It seemed like a ludicrously cool circ

Lady Ada AKA Limor Fried Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

While I don't often hold stock in random pronouncements by magazines, I'm shocked and thrilled that Entrepreneur Magazine named Limor Fried, founder of <a target="_blank" href="">A
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