TC Makers: Your World-Changing Project Could Send You To Space

Usually on TC Makers we visit a team or factory building something incredible. Now, however, we’re showcasing an incredible opportunity for you guys. The venerable Hackaday has announced what they are calling the Hackaday Prize. The goal is to get individuals or teams to work on projects that will change the world and the best one wins amazing trip: a space flight on the carrier of your choice.

That’s right: you can go to space.

Obviously if you’re afraid of zero-gravity or the Borg you can trade the ticket in for cash but this whole thing is pretty exciting and unique. The goal is simple: to build something that will change the world. “The creative energy and years of experience found in our huge community of Hackers, Designers, and Engineers is waiting to be unleashed. Let’s use that potential and move humanity forward. This doesn’t mean one giant solution. Thousands of people, each lifting one stone, moves mountains,” write the founders.

I spoke with Sophi Kravitz, the official Hackaday Prize “Mythical Creature” aka the cool person who is helping other cool people do cool stuff. We sat down with Sophi at NYC Resistor in New York and we talked about the prize, upcoming events, and what else you can do with the money if you don’t just want to send one member of your team into space.

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