TC Makers: TechShop, The SF Workshop Where Hardware Is Born

I get to meet some amazing people during our TC Makers shoots and TechShop CEO Mark Hatch is no exception. A former Green Beret, Hatch is the kind of guy who can build a PCB in the morning and run a million-dollar network of amazing technology workshops in the afternoon.

TechShop, which began in Menlo Park and expanded across the country, is a membership-based workshop where anyone can learn to do almost anything. They have 3D printers, laser cutters, and soldering stations. You can learn to build something as small as a quarter or something as big as a house and TechShop gives you the tools you need to build either.

TechShop, like most workshops, gives you the tools to prototype and make on a small scale and, thanks to Hatch’s network of makers, the opportunity to mass produce once you’ve completed your dream product. Hatch and I took a walk through the San Francisco space and talked about the billions of dollars worth of value generated by TechShops so far and the future of hardware manufacturing. Check it out!

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