Makerbot Releases Zee, A Blank Canvas For Artists

Not content with selling the best-selling consumer 3D printer on the market, Makerbot is working hard to become a force in just-in-time design and alternative art. Zee is a small figure inspired by pa

Stratasys Sales Surged This Quarter Thanks To The Power Of Home 3D Printing

Stratasys announced some impressive second quarter numbers today, noting that the company saw $178.46 million in revenue this quarter compared to $156.61 million last quarter. Profit also rose from $1

MakerBot Launches A European Branch

MakerBot wants to take over the world, but you can't take over the world without leaving home base. This morning, MakerBot announced that they're formally launching a European arm of their company.

MakerBot Comes To Select Home Depot Stores

Home Depot is redefining the term DIY now that MakerBot printers and scanners are available in some retail locations. As part of a pilot program (<a target="_blank" href="

MakerBot Now Shipping Massive Z18 3D Printer

When <a href="">MakerBot</a> announced the Z18 printer last January at CES, there wasn't much of a shipping date. Now, however, the company has begun shipping the ma

MakerBot Responds To Critics Who Claim It Is Stealing Community IP

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis made an official statement regarding the claims that the company has patented a number of community-created 3D printing improvements and tools. The claims emerged after a numbe

The Next Open Source Battle Is Being Waged In The 3D Printing Industry

[tc_dropcap]More than twenty years ago, Linux began wending its way out of the primordial soup that was the early Internet and ensconcing itself in servers and workstations around the world.[/tc_dropc

Autodesk Announces A Cheap, Open-Source 3D Printer Called The Spark

Autodesk has been moving decisively in the home 3D printing space, buying 3D modeling software Tinkercad and releasing apps to help amateur modelers create 3D goodies using their phones. Now they have

MakerBot Patents An Automatic Filament Switching System While Parent Company Stratasys Enjoys A Financial Bump

A MakerBot patent shows that the company is working on a dual-filament solution that can change print colors on the fly. By leading the filaments through the heated extruder using a sort of “sli

Stratsys Acquires 3D Filament Researcher Interfacial Solutions

<a href="">Stratasys</a>, the 3D-printing company that bought <a href="">Makerbot</a>, has purchased <a target="_blank" href="htt

Tiles Is An Easy-To-Use 3D Design Program That Lets You Print Your Own Objects

<a target="_blank" href="">Tiles by Cadigo</a> is a 3D modeling program for kids that lets the wee tykes drop blocks, walls, and pixels into an environment and then output the o

Build Your Own Makerbot-Inspired Robotic Tattoo Machine

I actually checked to see if today was April Fool's but, seeing as how it wasn't and seeing as how it would be quite simple to recreate this cool piece of hardware, I figured we could check it out. Ba

HP Planning To Enter The 3D Printer Space In June

HP CEO Meg Whitman casually noted that the company would have a "big technology announcement" in June related to the 3D printing space, a move that could place 3D printers into the hands of casual hom

Fly Or Die: 3D Systems Sense Scanner

If you followed along with this year’s CES coverage, you know that one trend that emerged over the past couple years is here to stay. If you haven’t made your peace with the 3D printing re

Martha Stewart Goes 3D Printer Shopping At CES 2014

Interested in 3D printing and smartphone-controlled aerial drones? So is Martha Stewart. She and I had the pleasure of touring CES 2014's South Hall, where we checked out Parrot, Form Labs, and Ma

MakerBot Is Changing The World

It was an inauspicious beginning. At the <a href="">Makerbot</a> event last night at <a href="">CES 2014</a> the intro music tende

MakerBot Unveils The Replicator Mini, Z18, And A New Prosumer Replicator

Today at <a href="">CES 2014</a>, <a href="">MakerBot</a> CEO Bre Pettis announced the MakerBot Replicator 3D Printing Platform. T

Analysts Expect 3D Printer Shipments To Grow Ten Times Before 2017

Hardware <a target="_blank" href="">analysts at IDC</a> are estimating that 3D printer shipments will grow ten times in the period between now and

This Is The Year Of The Makers

We are at a turning point in terms of gadget manufacturing. The heavy hitters in hardware - the Sonys, the Samsungs, the LGs - are stuck in the mire of slow innovation. We haven't heard much out of th

Big 3D Printing Needs To Stop The Bullying

<a href="">Stratasys</a>, one of the two giants in the 3D printing market (the other is <a target="_blank" href="">3DSystems</a>), is on a r
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