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The MacBook Air Project Is The Ultimate Apple All-In-One Computer

With the look of an Apple-fied Asus Eee Keyboard and the internal workings donated from a partially-defunct MacBook Air, one ordinary man created something special: the MacBook Air Project.

Is a new and improved MacBook Air coming later this year? Likely.

<img src="">Computer manufacturers generally update their notebook lines every few months -- except for <a href="http://www.crunchge

Apple refreshing the MacBook Air this week?

<img src="">The <a href="">Macbook Air</a> needs some help. It's woefully underpowered com

MacBook Air-style netbook available in Singapore next week

<img src="" alt="iiview" />Take the MacBook Air, shrink the screen down an inch, slap in some netbook components, and load it up with Windows

CrunchDeals: MacBook Air for $999 after rebate

<img src="" alt="air" /> has a $200 rebate on Apple's netbook, the MacBook Air, bringing the price down

QuickerTek promises extended MacBook Air battery life for $350!!!

The direction that Apple has taken with the iPhone, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro has irritated some folks and rightfully so. Why would anyone be opposed to a removable battery?

Adamo could out-Air the Air

Dell is hinting at a tiny laptop line called Adamo which might be some sort of boutique line or actually be the name of a new, ultrathin laptop that will give the MacBook Air a run for its money. Ashl

Got a new Apple? Time to get your firmware update on

Unibody Macbooks and MacBook Pros, along with newer MacBook Airs, have gotten a firmware update from Apple, ostensibly addressing “stability issues.” I think they’re talking about th

Uh oh, MacBook Air shipments being delayed 2-3 weeks

If you recently (like in the last week) ordered the entry-level Nvidia -equipped MacBook Air then you probably got an e-mail stating that your pretentious little toy is being delayed. It appears they

Is the MacBook Air overpriced or just plain expensive?

Is the MacBook Air overpriced at $2,499 fully loaded? Seventy percent of us here at CrunchGear think so—Apple worshiper Biggs calls it a “great machine,” however—but what do we know? N

CrunchDeals: Refurbished MacBook Air for $1,349

Once thought to be wildly overpriced (by me, anyway), the MacBook Air almost seems like an okay deal at $1,349. It’s refurbished, yes, so you’ll have to decide if that’s a big deal to you or not

Iomega ‘eGo Helium’ drive for MacBook Air owners

To be fair, you don’t have to own a MacBook Air in order to purchase Iomega’s eGo Helium portable hard drive. It is, however, “a perfect match for the new MacBook Air notebook” according to Io

Video: Dell takes on MacBook Air

Please stop with the manila envelope comparisons!

MacBook Air getting new proc, HDD, battery

Come September, we’re expecting a whole bushel of Apple improvements. I’m looking forward to a completely new MacBook Pro for use with Snow Leopard, but those of you more concerned with fo

ZeroShock III MacBook Air sleeve

After you spent all that money on a new MacBook Air, you are probably paranoid about it getting damaged. In fact, you’re so paranoid that a normal laptop case will not suffice — you will a

Lenovo ThinkPad X200: Like the MacBook Air, but drab and business-y

Apparently it’s Tuesday Laptop Madness, for Lenovo has announced a new laptop, the ThinkPad X200. It also released the IdeaPad U330, but that’s hardly as interesting. The Intel Core 2 Duo

Apple drops price of SSD MacBook Air by $500

Apple has dropped the price of its solid state drive MacBook Air by $500. Now, the useless laptop equipped with a solid state drive can be had for the low, low price of $2,598. That’s with a 1.8

Solar-powered Air, just add money

I guess these guys figure that if you’re willing to shell out a few grand for a computer less powerful than a MacBook, they might just be spendy enough to drop another G on a solar panel to keep

MacBook Air Shield provides port access, costs $50

Here is a protective apparatus from Agent 18 for your precious MacBook Air, called the MacBook Air Shield. It costs $50 and comes in white, black, or pink. Guess what else?! It allows you to plug stuf

A sumptious "leather-nila" envelope for your MacBook Air

Want to relive that special manila moment again and again? Want to impress your pals at the cafe before they have second thoughts about the practicality of the sexy little device? Bird Electron is com
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