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  • The MacBook Is Dead. Long Live The (New) MacBook Air.

    The MacBook Is Dead. Long Live The (New) MacBook Air.

    “At this point, I’m thinking Apple should just replace the standard MacBook with the Air.” Yes, I just quoted myself. But I have a good reason. I wrote that on October 21 of last year, after one day of playing with the just-released new MacBook Air. Today, 9 months later, Apple is listening. The MacBook is dead. Long live the MacBook Air. The fact of the matter is that this… Read More

  • A Mid-Summer Trip To The Apple Rumor Mill

    A Mid-Summer Trip To The Apple Rumor Mill

    It’s almost that time of year again, friends. New movies are terrible, kids are sucking down popsicles and my office is like a moist toaster oven. It’s nearly back to school time! That means in our little trivial world that it’s time for new gadgets and the Internet rumor mill is lining up quite a big showing from Apple. Of course it’s always this way. The rumors… Read More

  • Rumor Puts MacBook Air Refresh In Mid-July

    Impatient for those new MacBook Airs we know are coming? It’ll be a couple more weeks, if whispers heard by 9 to 5 Mac are to be believed. The upcoming earnings call on the 19th corroborates this; Apple was rumored to be waiting until they could ship with Lion, and it may be that they’ll just have nailed down that date come mid-July… but not quite yet. Read More

  • Macbook Air Sell-Outs Point To Upcoming Refresh

    Another day, another sold-out Mac product that points to a refresh. This time Best Buy is the culprit, noting that current MBA notebooks are not shipping from its stores. This usually means that a refresh is coming within the next few days and is most probably a minor upgrade of little interest to the average user but that will piss people off who just bought an MBA in the last week to no end. Read More

  • Acme Made's New Clutch And Skinny MacBook Sleeves Now Available At Apple Stores

    If you’re in need of a sexy sleeve for your new Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt MacBook Pro, you might consider picking up one of these from Acme Made. I reviewed a couple of their bags a while back and I know them to be pretty solid, with nice materials. These two new entries are available only in Apple Stores, though, so you’ll have to move your feet around to get ’em. Read More

  • Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?

    Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?

    As you’re undoubtedly aware by now, tomorrow (in just a few hours, really), Apple is expected to unveil their latest line of laptops. News has already started to trickle out about what’s getting upgraded and what’s changing. Noticeably absent in this talk is the MacBook itself. And that begs the question: is it the end of the line for the product? Simply put: it should be. Read More

  • BookArc for MacBook Air: Make Your MBA Stand Up And Take Notice

    Twelve South makes cool, if simple, laptop gear. We’ve covered their BookArc before and this is an improved permutation of the version for the latest MacBook Air. It costs $39.99 and allows you to stand your laptop up next to a monitor and control the cabling so everything is in its right place. Read More

  • BookArc Makes Promises For MacBook Air Experience, Speed And Style Among Them

    So you got a new MacBook Air. Big deal, right? How have you been using it on your desk? Surely you have an external monitor, trackpad and keyboard. But, somethings missing, isn’t it? Why lie the MBA flat on the desktop, especially since there is now the BookArc from 12 South. Read More

  • On The Road With Cr-48: The Chrome Notebook Is Both Shiny And Tarnished

    Every piece of technology has both good and bad attributes. Nothing is perfect. Not even the iPhone. (Well, at least not until that AT&T exclusivity ends.) But until three days ago, I had never used a product with attributes that are both insanely awesome and shockingly awful at the same time. Welcome into the world, Cr-48. Now, Google has made it very clear that they don’t intend… Read More

  • Video: MacBook Air Vs PowerBook 140

    Guess which one wins? The brand new MacBook Air running at 1.4GHz or the vintage PowerBook 145B circa 1993 with a 25Mhz CPU? [via TUAW] Read More

  • Apple To PhotoFast: Stop Making MacBook Air SSD Upgrade Kits That Make Ours Look Like Rubbish

    Looks like Apple is playing the heel again. It has asked PhotoFast to stop producing its 256MB SSD upgrade kits for the new MacBook Air. Boos can be heard all over the arena Why, Apple, why? Why’d you do it? Read More

  • 11 Or 13? Today, Both MacBook Airs Cost The Same

    A recurring refrain in my Twitter feed is the coded question, “11 or 13?” Despite it’s religious overtones, this is not a reference to passages in the Bible. It is a question familiar to any Apple-obsessed consumer: Should I get the 11-inch MacBook Air or the 13-inch? If you’ve been asking yourself the same question, today the price difference will not be the… Read More

  • Adobe's Next Flash Excuse: If You Want To Save Power, Don't Turn On Your Machine

    Adobe's Next Flash Excuse: If You Want To Save Power, Don't Turn On Your Machine

    Adobe Flash is under attack again. And you know what that means. Time for more complaining. Today, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch spoke with Fast Company about the most recent Flash controversy the company has had to deal with. Last week, a report revealed that the lack of Flash on the new MacBook Air may save as much as 2 hours of battery life on that machine. Several subsequent reports noticed the… Read More

  • Toshiba Releases "Blade-Type" SSD Modules Up To 256GB

    While I doubt the MacBook Air will render her secrets very willingly, you can, with a little effort, upgrade your SSD modules using Toshiba’s 2.2mm mSATA chips. The chips, called the Blade X-gale, will come in 64, 128, and 256GB sizes . No pricing just yet but expect them to be well within the $300-500 range. Read More

  • Review: Macbook Air 13-inch

    Short Version: There will be no pleasing either side of the Apple fanboy divide with this review so I’ll say it up front: If you’re looking for an alternative to a heavier Apple laptop – a MacBook Pro, say, or an Apple Powerbook 170 – and you travel, the MacBook Air is an excellent choice. If you rarely travel and/or are not a Mac fan, you will probably be better served… Read More

  • The Sexy Details of How the iPad and MacBook Will Hook Up

    The Sexy Details of How the iPad and MacBook Will Hook Up

    During the Back to the Mac event, Steve Jobs made a particularly witty remark that made the audience giddy with laughter: “We asked ourselves, what would happen if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up? Well, this is the result, we think it’s the future of notebooks.” There is always a deep strategic intent with the things that Apple does, especially when it comes from Steve Jobs. Read More

  • The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Swears To Protect And Defend Your New MacBook Air

    Zagg wants to protect your new fancy MacBook Air. The solution is the same transparent film they sell for the iPhone and other mobiles. This version was specifically cut for the new Air so all you’ll need to do is peal and stick. The result is a MacBook Air covered a layer of film developed in the military to help items like helicopter rotors resist scratching, therefore extending… Read More

  • MacBook Air Benchmarks: Fast Enough For Everyday Use, But The Slow Processor Does Hurt Performance

    You know, it’s one thing to use subjective and entirely unscientific terms like “feels” or “seems” when it comes to reviewing computers, but there’s something to be said about actually running benchmarks and comparing the numbers to other comparable computers. Numbers don’t lie. So kudos to MacWorld for actually taking the time to see just how… Read More

  • The Top 5 PC Alternatives To The MacBook Air

    Apple raised the bar on ultra-portable computers with the latest MacBook Air. There’s no questioning that. Steve Jobs & Co. took the already-thin MacBook Air and shrunk down both its physical size and price tag. Win win, right? Well, yeah, but the MacBook Air isn’t for everyone. Good thing the PC world has been doing the ultra-portable thing just as long as Apple and offers… Read More

  • Goodbye, MacBook Pro. The New MacBook Air Is That Good.

    Last Wednesday, I got my hands on one of the new MacBook Airs. I haven’t touched my MacBook Pro since. It’s six months old. RIP. I know that sounds outrageous. Or like hyperbole. But it’s not. When I wrote up my initial thoughts, it was after only a few hours of usage. I hadn’t even used it outside the house yet. But now I have. I’ve used it almost everywhere… Read More