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The LandingZone: A Dock For Your Air, Handsome And Bold

This <a HREF="">Kickstarter project</a> has been kicking around the Internet a bit but it's pretty cool.

The Promise Of The 15-Inch MacBook Air

In my home office sits a 27-inch iMac with a secondary 24-inch LED Cinema Display attached to it. It's a glorious vision of screen real estate. And yet, I dread using it. First world problem? It

Warning: The Latest MacBook Air Packs A Less Powerful Version Of Thunderbolt

Apparently not all <a href="">Thunderbolt </a>ports are created equally. Anadtech discovered that the Thunderbolt chip within the latest MacBook Air is not

MacBook Air Killers? First Batch Of PC Ultrabooks To Carry An Ultra-Pricetag

Ultrabooks are supposed to be the PC's answer to the MacBook Air. These notebooks are said to rock hardware platforms very similar to the Air's but, you know, run Windows instead of OS X. The first cr

Next MacBook Pros To Feature Air DNA?

The Sandy Bridge <a href="">update</a> to the Air line has been enough to make some feel the lightweight laptop is ready for prime time (I'm

Teardown Of New 13″ MacBook Air Finds Almost No Differences From Old Model

The traditional "splaying of the device" has been performed successfully on the <a href="">new MacBook Air</a> by the teardown experts and ha

The MacBook Is Dead. Long Live The (New) MacBook Air.

"At this point, I'm thinking Apple should just replace the standard MacBook with the Air." Yes, I just quoted myself. But I have a good reason. I wrote that <a href="

A Mid-Summer Trip To The Apple Rumor Mill

It's almost that time of year again, friends. New movies are terrible, kids are sucking down popsicles and my office is like a moist toaster oven. It's nearly back to school time! That means in our l

Rumor Puts MacBook Air Refresh In Mid-July

Impatient for those new MacBook Airs we know are coming? It’ll be a couple more weeks, if whispers heard by 9 to 5 Mac are to be believed. The upcoming earnings call on the 19th corroborates thi

Macbook Air Sell-Outs Point To Upcoming Refresh

<img src="" />Another day, another sold-out Mac product that points to a

Acme Made's New Clutch And Skinny MacBook Sleeves Now Available At Apple Stores

<img src="" />If you're in need of a sexy sleeve for your new <a href="

Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-278046" title="mb" src="" alt="" />As you're undoubtedly aware by now, tomorrow (in just a few hours, rea

BookArc for MacBook Air: Make Your MBA Stand Up And Take Notice

<img src="" />Twelve South makes cool, if simple, laptop gear. We've covered their <a HREF="">BookArc<

BookArc Makes Promises For MacBook Air Experience, Speed And Style Among Them

<img src="" />So you got a new <a href="">MacBook Air</a>. <em>Bi

On The Road With Cr-48: The Chrome Notebook Is Both Shiny And Tarnished

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-253902" title="ch" src="" alt="" />Every piece of technology has both good and bad attributes. Nothing is

Video: MacBook Air Vs PowerBook 140

Guess which one wins? The brand new MacBook Air running at 1.4GHz or the vintage PowerBook 145B circa 1993 with a 25Mhz CPU? [via TUAW]

Apple To PhotoFast: Stop Making MacBook Air SSD Upgrade Kits That Make Ours Look Like Rubbish

<img src="" />Looks like <a HREF="">Apple</a> is playing the heel again. It has asked PhotoFast to st

11 Or 13? Today, Both MacBook Airs Cost The Same

<img src=""> A recurring refrain in my Twitter feed is the coded question, "11 or 13?" Despite it's religious overtone

Adobe's Next Flash Excuse: If You Want To Save Power, Don't Turn On Your Machine

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-241392" title="Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 10.32.00 AM" src="" alt="" /

Toshiba Releases "Blade-Type" SSD Modules Up To 256GB

While I doubt the MacBook Air will render her secrets very willingly, you can, with a little effort, upgrade your SSD modules using Toshiba’s 2.2mm mSATA chips. The chips, called the Blade X-gal
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