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Apple could release an updated MacBook Air

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has been working on multiple new Macs. In particular, Apple could be planning to release a new entry-level laptop to replace the aging MacBook Air. This isn

Apple’s MacBook Air turns 10

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs triumphantly held up a manilla interoffice mail envelope to a round of applause at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. It was a silly gimmick, but it got th

Plot twist: the MacBook Air is still alive

The MacBook Air just won’t die. While Apple introduced a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro last year, people still want a new MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is roughly as heavy as the 13-inch MacBook A

Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro get routine processor and SSD boost

Apple gave its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup a small boost today at WWDC — the machines are getting new Kaby Lake processors and faster solid-state drives across the board. Apple's 15-inch Pro is g

Brexit hikes price of all Apple’s Macs in the UK by up to 25%

More reasons to be miserable about the UK's vote to leave the European Union: Apple has hiked the pound sterling price of Macs, old and new, by as much as 25 per cent to take account of currency fluct

The 13-inch MacBook Air model is still alive

Surprise, the MacBook Air is still alive! The new MacBook Air is Apple’s new cheap laptop. While everybody thought the 12-inch Retina MacBook was going to replace the MacBook Air, it’s not goi

Where to watch the live stream for today’s Apple MacBook Pro press conference

Apple is holding a press conference today on its campus in Cupertino, and the company is expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro (yes, the one with the insane mini display above the keyboard that alrea

Updates to Apple hardware this year will focus on power users

Apple's roadmap for the rest of the year (and perhaps a bit beyond that) appears to take aim at big spenders and power users. Expect updates to the iPad, MacBook Air and Pro and Thunderbolt display.

Apple’s Latest Betrayal

"Seriously, fuck them," read the tweet. The person was speaking about Apple and the new MacBook the company recently announced. There are countless other tweets and comments with the same sentiment. R

Apple’s Well-Crafted Vanishing Point

It's a standard Apple play to shave a few atoms off the waists of its gadgets come refresh time -- allowing the company's marketing department to crow about thinner flagships that also pack more power

TC AppleCast 1: Watch Out For The Apple Watch

It’s our first ever TechCrunch AppleCast, and we’re starting things off with a long look at the Apple Watch and its companion app, as well as a discussion on the (still theoretical) 12-inc

The Next MacBook Air Will Be A 12-Inch Beauty With An Edge-To-Edge Keyboard

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air has been rumored for a while now, but the computer is very real, according to a new report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The resourceful and consistently accurate

Microsoft Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Latest Apple-Bashing Ad

Microsoft is up to its old tricks again, and just in time for the holidays. The latest ad out of Redmond pits its Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air, and with all the holiday cheer and spirit you'd

The Surface Pro 3 Is Microsoft’s Answer To The MacBook Air. Again.

Microsoft just announced the Surface Pro 3 and a new direction for the Surface line. Microsoft is no longer looking to counter the iPad. The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's answer to the "heavy" MacBook

Apple Updates The MacBook Air With Improved Processors And $899 Starting Price

Apple has indeed updated its MacBook Air as foretold, and while the updates aren’t terribly dramatic, they are solid improvements that should come as welcome news to anyone who has been waiting

MacBook Air Refresh With Spec Bumps Said To Be Coming Tomorrow

Apple is planning a mid-cycle spec bump for the MacBook Air, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The key feature of this update is said to be the use of new next-gen Intel Haswell processors, acco

Apple’s 2013 13-Inch MacBook Air Sweetens The Deal For One Of The Best Available Computers

The MacBook Air was the only new Apple hardware to be announced and launched at WWDC this year (besides the new AirPort Extreme), and while it isn't a big change from the previous version, it packs so

iOS 7, OS X 10.9, MacBooks And iRadio: What To Expect At WWDC 2013

Apple is set to deliver its WWDC keynote address on Monday June 10, and there are bound to be a lot of new things revealed on that day. The exact details remain shrouded in mystery, but as with every

Tale Of The Tape: Chromebook Pixel Vs. Surface Pro Vs. MacBook Air

Google hasn't always been known for making breathtaking hardware, but today's announcement of the Chromebook Pixel -- arguably one of the best-looking laptops ever made, if nothing else -- means that

Updated MacBook Air Boasts Intel Core i5 Processors With Ivy Bridge

Apple's Tim Cook just announced an updated MacBook Air with 3.2-GHz Intel Core i5 processors with 512GB of SSD storage and 500MBps read speeds. The new Airs also include USB 3.0 ports making them 10x
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