SAM Is A Wireless Electronics Kit That Wants To Make Coding Connected Objects Super Simple

Meet SAM, a wireless electronics kits that's aiming to make it easier for kids or indeed anyone with an idea for a connected project to get building -- using a series of Bluetooth connected pieces and

LittleBits Announces BitLab, An App Store For Hardware

Have you ever wanted to build a banana piano? Or make a robotic cockroach brain out of LEGO? With LittleBits now you (potentially) can. The company has just announced something called the BitLab, a co

LittleBits Announces The Cloud Module, An Electronics Block That Connects Your Projects To The Internet

LitteBits, maker of simple, easy to build electronics kits, has announced what they’re calling the Cloud Module, a small, Internet-connected block that lets you build standalone projects using t

LittleBits Connects With $11.1M To Transform Its Electronics Kit Business Into A Hardware Platform

Big things are coming for <a target="_blank" href="">littleBits</a> -- the New York-based startup that makes lego-style electronics kits. The company, originally conceived by foun

littleBits’ Exploration Kits Will Make You Think Differently About Building Hardware

Whole worlds have been built out of LEGO and K'Nex and Meccano and a seemingly endless supply of childhood wonder, but the world is changing and so too are our toys. That's where an ambitious New York

LittleBits Is A Nearly Perfect Electronics Discovery Kit

I've been hearing about LittleBits, an electronics kit for hobbyists and kids, for quite a while but I never got a chance to play with them until recently. The <a target="_blank" href="http://littlebi

Toys Grow Up: LittleBits Picks Up $3.65M, PCH Deal To Build Out Its Open-Source Hardware Vision

<a target="_blank" href="">LittleBits</a>, an "open source hardware" startup that makes electronic building blocks to design objects for work and play, has today announced the addi