LittleBits intros three kits to explore music, space and more

LittleBits has been keeping busy. The New York based educational hardware startup recently announced a new Avengers-themed kit and its first acquisition. This morning, it’s back with three new kits, just in time for the back to school season.

As its name implies, the Base Inventor Kit is a sort of entry level set here, for those looking to sample LittleBits’ modular wares. At $100, it’s one of the cheaper complete kits from the company, containing 10 bits, all told.

There are a bunch of pre-designed creations that can be created with the kit, including a voice-controlled robotic hand. This being LittleBits and all, builders are also encouraged to create their own vision using the bits and bobs. Other possibilities include a smart lamp and intruder alarm.

The Electronic Music Inventor Kit joins the company’s Korg licensed Synth Kit in the company’s focus on music making. This time out, the base is a keytar, built using eight bits. Kids can also break from that form factor and build other instruments like an electronic drum kit.

At $130, the Space Rover Inventor Kit is the priciest — and arguably coolest — of the bunch. The planetary rover consists of 15 bits for 30 activities. That’s coupled with an app used to control the vehicles and offer some insight into the history of the space race.

The new kits will also utilize online courses from, the educational platform run by recent acquisition DIY.