Levi's Enters The Mobile Market

Face it, you have a great ass. It’s fantastic. Formed to look like a perfect bubble, you demand only the tightest, hottest jeans money can afford. And because you’re a jeans fan, you need a phone that’s designed to fit in them. In comes Levi’s with its first mobile phone. Designed by a company called ModeLabs, this phone features a metallic steel finish and all the usual media goodies like a camera, music player, and MMS.

Hold up though, ’cause you don’t even want to know the best part about this device. It comes with a CHAIN that connects to a belt loop so your phone “can’t be stolen”. Not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, but if you’re into wallet chains still, then you’re pretty much set. Not much else is known about the phone, other than it will be available in multiple colors and will be released in Europe around September. I suppose those Italians and Germans do love their tight jeans. Oh well, enjoy the advertisement with the hot chick.

Levi’s intros jeans-friendly cellphone [Electronista]