• Google Brings More Than 100 Virtual Keyboards, Transliterations And IMEs To Gmail

    Google Brings More Than 100 Virtual Keyboards, Transliterations And IMEs To Gmail

    Google just announced an update to Gmail that will make life a bit easier for those of us who often write emails in different languages. Gmail users can now easily switch between over 100 virtual keyboards and transliterations. In addition, you can use Google’s Input Method Editors (IME) to convert your keystrokes to Asian characters. This, says Google, means you won’t… Read More

  • IBM On-Screen Keyboard Matches Your Hand Anatomy

    IBM On-Screen Keyboard Matches Your Hand Anatomy

    An IBM patent points to an on-screen keyboard that matches the user’s anatomy, changing to reflect each users “unique typing motion.” The keyboard requires calibration in the form of various exercises. The system then senses various variables like “finger skin touch area, finger size data and finger position.” It then creates a unique keyboard based on a… Read More

  • COOL LEAF: Mirror-Like Designer Keyboard

    When we covered Tokyo-based Minebea’s so-called COOL LEAF keyboard in March last year, we said that Minebea was “considering” to commercialize the beautiful flat input device at some point in the future. Fast forward 13 months, and we have a press release (in English) in which the company says the keyboard will actually be rolled out in Japan on May 13. Read More

  • Mionix Puts Out A Mechanical Keyboard, The Zibal 60

    While there are plenty of keyboards to choose from between Microsoft, Razer, Logitech, and SteelSeries, Sweden-based Mionix wants you to know that they’ve got a solid device too. Can’t say it one-ups any of these guys on features or price, but hey, it’s an alternative to the usual suspects. Read More

  • Koribo Leira: The Perfect HTPC Keyboard?

    Little-known keyboard maker Koribo has put out a unit called the Leira that looks like a couch potato’s dream. Indentations on the underside that fit onto your legs? Really, Koribo. How deliciously decadent. Read More

  • Review: Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard

    Short version: A good keyboard for macro and shortcut lovers, but lacks ports and originality, making it fall short of a recommendation. Read More

  • Keyboard With "Share" Button – Hot Or Not?

    I can’t tell whether this is a good idea or not. On one hand, it seems perfectly logical: adding a “share” key to normal keyboards that would automatically send whatever page or image you’re on to your sharing service of choice. On the other hand, isn’t it easy enough to do this already? Read More

  • CrunchGear's Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Guys

    Your guy is great, am I right? He’s fun, he makes you laugh, and he can, in a pinch, be counted on to do laundry. He even, occasionally, shaves! Why not reward this positive behavior the way Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, rewards an unruly dog: through forceful direction and, when the time is right, kind words and a treat. Here are a few great items for your geeky SO this… Read More

  • For Tablets And Smartphones: Elecom's Stand And Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard

    There are quite a few stands and keyboards for tablets and smartphones out there, but Elecom‘s TK-FB023E (announced [JP] today) is an especially pretty stand/keyboard set. Elecom sells the keyboard, which supports Bluetooth 3.0, in two versions, namely with Japanese and English layouts. Read More

  • Review: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

    Short version: This new mechanical keyboard from Razer is clicky and attractive, but some layout and design choices irk me, and this thing ain’t cheap. Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling Silly "Quiet Keyboard Cover"

    My last post on infamous crap gadget maker Thanko dates from September. But that doesn’t mean the Tokyo-based online store has stopped offering silly products. Take their newest idea, for example: the so-called “Quiet Keyboard Cover” [JP]. What does it do? It essentially not only protects your valuable keyboard from dust but also covers your hands. Read More

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