Ducky’s new limited-edition mechanical keyboard pays tribute to Taiwan’s Paiwan community

Taiwan-based Ducky, known for its popular mechanical keyboards, today at Computex showed off its tribute to the country’s culture: the limited-edition “Year of the Pig” 65% keyboard. The latest of Ducky’s yearly Zodiac releases, created in collaboration with metalwork artist Kulele Ruladen, the keyboard pays tribute to the Paiwan, one of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes.

Symbols inspired by Paiwan culture on Ducky's limited edition Year of the Pig mechanical keyboard

Ruladen’s design draws on several aspects of Paiwan culture, including a metal cut-out at the front of the keyboard inspired by a wild boar, a symbol of bravery for Paiwan people, and a golden backplate with images of Paiwan warriors battling the boars.

The keycaps are bronze red, a reference to the importance of bronze as a medium in Paiwan art. Instead of the alphabet, each key has a pictogram that draws on other symbols that are meaningful for the Paiwan community. For example, the space bar has a hawk feather representing “the aristocracy of men and women.” There are also four keys inspired by Paiwan glass beads that represent different values: agility (kaluazung), courage (mananigai), nobility (mulimulitan-maca) and kurakurau-liling (love).

Details from Ducky Keyboard's Year of the Pig limited edition mechanical keyboard

The Year of the Pig keyboard is limited to 2019 pieces, in reference to the year, and designed to last. Each one has adopted aluminum casing with nano coating, a zinc alloy keyboard stand and dye-subliminated keycaps, as well as a Type-C USB port and RGB backlighting.