Programmers can now access Test IO code QA service in Jira development tool

Software quality-assurance testing has sometimes taken a backseat in today’s rush-rush agile development environment. Into the breach has stepped on-demand testing startups like Test IO, giving

Custom status messages are coming to Slack

AFK, BRB, in a coffee meeting or what not — Slack, with its constant stream of communication, is probably not the the first place you'd drop an away message or status update to keep people informed

Death to JIRA

I have long held that Atlassian's ubiquitous JIRA bug-tracker / feature-planner serves a valuable purpose in the software biz: it gives project teams a common enemy to bond together against. Alas, it'

Atlassian now lets you hire freelancers right from JIRA

JIRA, Atlassian’s flagship project management service, is getting a new feature today that will let you easily convert JIRA tickets into job postings on Upwork’s freelance marketplace. &#8

Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines

Atlassian is hosting its annual developer conference not too far from my favorite absinthe bar this week. During its keynote, the company today announced a number of new products and updates, all of

Atlassian Splits Its JIRA Project Tracking Service Into 3 Standalone Offerings To Better Serve Non-Technical Teams

Atlassian, which according to recent reports secretly filed for an IPO last month, today announced a major update to its flagship JIRA project and issue tracking service. The company is breaking JIRA

Atlassian Updates JIRA Service Desk, Now The Fastest Growing Product In Its 13-Year History

Atlassian, the company behind popular products like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, today launched a new version of JIRA Service Desk with a couple of interesting new features, as well as a new annual l

Atlassian Expands Its Enterprise Offerings With JIRA And Confluence Data Center

Atlassian, the company behind developer collaboration tools like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, has long had a strong presence in the enterprise, but the company today announced two new products specif

Atlassian JIRA 4.0 Released: OpenSocial Comes To Enterprise

JIRA, a product from Atlassian, began its life as a simple alternate bug-tracker, and has since evolved into a popular and robust product and issue management tool. JIRA 4.0, to be released tomorrow,

Atlassian Announces JIRA Studio Hosted With Contegix

Atlassian has announced the availability of their JIRA Studio suite as a hosted Saas service. JIRA Studio is a hosted integration of popular Atlassian products starting with the JIRA issue tracker and