• Apple Challenges Google Docs, MS Office With iWork For iCloud Coming To A Browser Near You

    Apple Challenges Google Docs, MS Office With iWork For iCloud Coming To A Browser Near You

    Apple is taking some big steps up in its bid to challenge the likes of Google and Microsoft in cloud apps, and one of those involves a big upgrade to its iWork suite: Pages word processing, Numbers spreadsheet and Keynote presentation programs — all previously native-only — are now coming to iCloud to work across Safari 6.0.3 or later, Chrome 27.0.1 or later, and Internet… Read More

  • Apple Drops New Version Of iWork For iOS

    Apple Drops New Version Of iWork For iOS

    At Apple’s iPad 3, cough, iPad, announcement today in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed, among other things, that it sold more iPads in Q4 2011 than any individual PC manufacturer sold of their PC devices. That’s pretty impressive. There were quite a few other developments, such as the fact that iPhoto will be moving from the desktop to the iPad (finally), and Apple has… Read More

  • iWork 2010 announced, will support iPad's multi-touch controls (and your regular Mac, too)

    Another year, another release of iLife. This time, though, with full iPadsupport. Yes, Apple showed off iLife 2010 at its big press conference today, and the updates are about what you’d expect from the application suite: incremental and filled with one or two things that make you say, “Wow, neat.” That being the multi-touch support. Read More

  • Mossberg on iWork, Numbers

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 Uncle Walt did a video review of iWork, pointing out that Apple makes fun of the PC’s “expertise with spreadsheets” and then they go and make their own spreadsheet app. I’ve been trying a trial version of iWork for the past week and I may just switch once i figure out all of the features, but so far… Read More

  • iWork '08 Trial: Fully Functional For 30 Days

    iWork ’08 went on sale yesterday and Apple has released a trial version out of the kindness of its heart. The free download is a little on the big side (468MB) but it’s the whole ham—for 30 days, you can use the software any way you see fit. Just don’t expect gigs worth of presentation templates. Also, a little birdie told me that serial numbers to unlock the trial… Read More

  • Apple Store Back Up: New iMacs, iLife '08, iWork '08

    Well that was quick. The Apple Store has returned, bringing with it new toys for us to covet. Up top are the three new guys sure to get all the attention—the new aluminum iMacs, iLife ’08 and iWork ’08, complete with Numbers, the Microsoft Excel killer. The Mac mini is still with us; Apple hasn’t killed her off yet. No new iPods or no new MacBooks, nor even a price drop. Read More

  • Spreadsheets Coming to iWork, (i)Life Is Now Complete

    Well, well, well. As with any Mac-related event the rumor mill is buzzing, but it seems 9to5Mac has it from a reliable source that iWork will be updated with…wait for it…wait…for…it….Spreadsheets! iWork and .Mac is also said to be joining forces and this evident from the temporary closure the site will experience during the event. There could be a possible tie-in… Read More