Apple Updates iWork Across Platforms, Brings Password-Protected Sharing To The Web And Mobile

Apple released a number of updates to iWork today, across all platforms, including OS X, iOS and iCloud on the web. Improvements include the addition of customizable alignment guides and a vertical ruler on the Mac, a built-in remote feature on iOS (which replaces the standalone app) and, perhaps most importantly in terms of helping those looking to use iWork for iCloud instead of competitors like Google and Microsoft for web-based document editing and collaboration, password-protected sharing of iWork documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The password protection for shared documents is a big step, especially among people who want to use iWork as a serious professional tool for sharing documents and presentations with clients with a degree of assurance that only the desired audience will be able to view them. You can now share the docs via iCloud with a user-assigned password using either Pages 2.1 on iOS, or using the iWork for iCloud beta. It’s also easier to review your shared content on the web, thanks to a new list view of all documents, spreadsheets and presentations that have been shared with you.

Other updated features include sorting using multiple columns or rows in Numbers 3.1 on OS X, the addition of new transitions and display options to Keynote, landscape viewing and editing of spreadsheets in Numbers on IOS and keyboard shortcuts object manipulation in the iWork for iCloud beta.