iWork 2010 announced, will support iPad's multi-touch controls (and your regular Mac, too)

Another year, another release of iWork. This time, though, with full iPadsupport. Yes, Apple showed off iWork 2010 at its big press conference today, and the updates are about what you’d expect from the application suite: incremental and filled with one or two things that make you say, “Wow, neat.” That being the multi-touch support.

The three applications that make up iWork—Numbers, Pages, and Keynote—will be sold separately for $10 a pop on the iTunes Store. So, if you only want Keynote, if for no other reason than to makes a slide-show presentation using your fingers, then you’ll only be out $10.

Of the three, Pages seems to benefit the least from the multi-touch. Plain old text entry does just fine with a keyboard.

And yes, all three applications will be available for non-iPad Macs.

We’re guessing the new iWork will be released alongside the iPad, but hard info is a little hard to come by right now. Let the dust settle for a little bit.