• Alibaba And The Cognitive Dissonance Of American Data Policy Crunch Network

    Alibaba And The Cognitive Dissonance Of American Data Policy

    American cyber policy makers may well rue not paying heed to Burnham. The legal interpretations they currently espouse may soon turn around to bite them in the proverbial hypocritical posterior. The issue is put in stark relief by the recent announcement from Alibaba, the Chinese technology company that plans to open up a new data center in Silicon Valley. From a business perspective… Read More

  • Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

    Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

    The technology sector had a rough year in Washington. In the face of growing political spending, increasing economic might and stumbling government agencies, tech got nearly nothing it wanted in 2014. NSA reform died, as did copyright reform, and patent reform. Immigration reform? Kaput. And the recent election axed important politicians who were allied with the tech industry on certain issues. Read More

  • Microsoft Held In Contempt As It Battles A Domestic Search Warrant Demanding Overseas Data

    Microsoft Held In Contempt As It Battles A Domestic Search Warrant Demanding Overseas Data

    Microsoft has been held in contempt of court after failing to comply with a warrant, following a rejection of a request for appeal on July 31st. The case stems from a United States government search warrant for data stored on a Microsoft server in Ireland. Microsoft contends that the data is outside the purview of the domestic warrant. The United States government disagrees. Microsoft has thus… Read More

  • 3 Mind-Bending Ways Apple Dodged $13.8B In Taxes

    3 Mind-Bending Ways Apple Dodged $13.8B In Taxes

    Kudos to Apple’s finance lawyers, who are the Cirque Du Soleil of legal contortionism. On the eve of live testimony from CEO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Phillip Bullock, head of Apple’s tax operations, a scathing congressional investigation of Apple’s tax dodging strategy reveals how the computer giant avoided $13.8 billion in taxes through a clever labyrinth of… Read More

  • Doing It Wrong: Irish Newspaper Licensing Organization Asks Women’s Charity To Pay For Links

    Doing It Wrong: Irish Newspaper Licensing Organization Asks Women’s Charity To Pay For Links

    An Irish women’s charity, Women’s Aid, linked to some articles on the Irish Examiner (like this, this, and this) and thought that all was right with the world. Heck, that’s how the Internet works, right? It turns out that according to the Irish Newspaper Licensing organization, you need to pay to link to the newspapers. And there the troubles begin. Read More

  • Spotify who? We7 to launch first in Ireland next week

    We7, the UK music streaming service, is launching in Ireland next Monday, reports MusicWeek and we can now confirm. This is interesting not only because it’s the first time We7 has ventured beyond its native shores but also because Spotify, which until very recently was seen as a direct rival, has yet to launch in said country. The much hyped and well funded company is currently available… Read More

  • High Court: Ireland Cannot Enforce 'Kick Pirates Off The Internet' Laws

    Big news coming out of Ireland today regarding the war on piracy, the most hilarious war of them all. The gist is that the High Court has said that laws that would cut pirates off the Internet are simply unenforceable, effectively putting an end to the practice. The BBC says the court decision will likely have a “knock-on effect” in other countries around Europe. Read More

  • 50 Irish tech start-ups get their own tracker

    [Ireland] The top 50 technology start-ups in Ireland are now being ranked and tracked weekly online, receiving a score of 1-100 based on performance, press coverage and other variables. In a joint effort with Silicon Valley-based tracking company YouNoodle, the Irish Times newspaper is producing the Irish Times Tech 50 feature, posted on its business website, where the 50 companies’… Read More

  • Luck ran out: Irish ISP agrees to music industry demands to selectively block access to Web sites

    An Irish ISP has apparently buckled under the pressure of The Man, and will now block access to any and every site The Man asks it to. Think The Pirate Bay and related sites. Let’s put on our outrage hats, everyone. Read More

  • Man lands airplane via text messages

    A small airplane in Ireland suddenly found itself in a dilly of a pickle of a jam when it "lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport," according to The Irish Times. The twin-engine Piper contained a pilot and four passengers. The pilot was unable to make contact with the nearest air traffic control tower, so he tried… Read More