French startup Nijta hopes to protect voice privacy in AI use cases

France-based startup Nijta, whose flagship product Voice Harbor anonymizes voices for AI, raised €2 million in funding from various sources, including deep tech VC fund Elaia.

Probabl is a new AI company built around popular library scikit-learn

Probabl isn’t your average AI startup, as this new French company is an Inria spin-off company that revolves around an open source data science library called scikit-learn — Inria is a well-known

How will Europe’s coronavirus contact-tracing apps work across borders?

A major question mark attached to national coronavirus contact-tracing apps is whether they will function when citizens of one country travel to another. Or will people be asked to download and use mu

Inria releases some source code of French contact-tracing app

French research institute Inria has released a small portion of the source code that is going to power France’s contact-tracing app, StopCovid. It is available on several GitLab repositories under t