• iMovie Updated for iOS and Mac As Apple Continues To Unify Creative Experience Across Devices

    iMovie Updated for iOS and Mac As Apple Continues To Unify Creative Experience Across Devices

    Apple just unveiled some new updates with their iMovie video-editing software for Mac and iOS that, among other things, capitalize on the capabilities of their new slew of iDevices and add some pretty major improvements to how the software communicates across platforms. Both iterations of iMovie are also seeing upgrades to the quality of video that can be edited in projects. Read More

  • iPad Versions Of iMovie And GarageBand Touch Down Early

    Although I generally consider iMovie an abomination, I have some hopes that once they put a decent camera on the iPad and bump that resolution to the rumored 2048×1536, it’ll actually be a very interesting proposition. Until then, I’ll let them work out the bugs and refine the interface — but if you’re more optimistic, you can go download it right now. iMovie and… Read More

  • iMovie And Garageband For iOS Announced, Looks Good On iPad 2

    Today, Apple announced new versions of iMovie and Garage band for iOS 4.3. Apple says they have set the bar high for devs with the release of the two apps and hope devs build on what they’ve seen in Apple’s programming capabilities. Read More

  • iMovie runs on the iPhone 3GS if you jailbreak it

    So we know that IOS4 will be coming to older phones, but of course certain features like iMovie are planned for just the iPhone 4, and not previous models. Well, it turns out that you can run iMovie on older phones, they just have to be jailbroken. I’m not going to go into the technical details, you can get those from the video – so enjoy! [via Lifehacker] Read More

  • iMovie on the iPhone, and yes it's got Ken Burns

    Today at the WWDC keynote Steve Jobs unveiled the iMovie app for the iPhone. You would be amazed to know that this time around video on the iPhone will be wickedly useful. Read More

  • iMovie '09 high-definition fail

    The world of home movie creation is an increasingly exciting one. Digital files are easier to store and make sense of, and our computers are becoming powerful enough that editing and sharing all that footage is no longer difficult. iMovie is the poster child for this change: it has made directors out of many who would otherwise have left their movies raw or sitting in the camera media. Now… Read More

  • iMovie '08 Makes David Pogue Angry

    Whoopsies. Looks like Apple’s brassed off the New York Times’ David Pogue. It seems that the iMovie program included in the new iLife suite is far less impressive than its predecessor, iMovie 6. Read More

  • iMovie '08 Supports HDD, DVD Camcorders, YAY!

    Owners of Mac and HDD/DVD camcorders finally have a reason to live or at the very least not to throw either against the wall. Say hello to iLife ’08, iMovie in particular. Your frustrations at Apple for not supporting AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats ends now. It may set you back $79, but it’s certainly worth it if you own a Sony, JVC, Canon or Panasonic model that’s been tested… Read More