Facebook’s New Homegrown Messenger Apps Focus On Selfies, Sound And Shaking

Facebook has launched its first home-made apps for its Messenger Platform after Sound Clips (iOS/Android), Selfied (iOS/Android), Strobe (iOS/Android) and Shout (iOS/Android) went live. Stickered, an

Imgur Finally Has A Proper Mobile App For Its Trove Of Funny Images

Imgur has returned to mobile apps after it launched a new iOS app for its library of addictive photos and GIFs. The company released native apps for iOS and Android in the past, but they were shuttere

With Launch Of “Topics,” Imgur Adds A New Way To Explore By Interests

After moving to a fully ad-supported model earlier this month, popular photo-sharing site Imgur is today introducing a new feature designed to make it easier for visitors to explore images that relate

Previously $24 A Year, Imgur Pro Is Now Free

Do you, like much of the Internet, turn to Imgur for your one-off image hosting needs? Want the features that come with an Imgur Pro account, but don't want to... you know, pay for it? Good news! I

Imgur Releases A Fast Video-To-GIF Converter

Here's an embarrassing secret: Before today, I'd never made a GIF. I mean, obviously I've <em>seen</em> them, laughed when they've been passed along, and made a note so that I could share them myse

Imgur Joins Chorus Of Tech Companies Calling For Net Neutrality

Imgur, the popular photo sharing service, today filed comments with the FCC concerning net neutrality, arguing against paid prioritization and in favor of Title II reclassification of ISPs as utilitie

Imgur Adds Tagging And Custom Galleries, So You Can Actually Find The Meme You’re Looking For

Popular image-sharing service <a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a> is some new features — collectively, they should make it easier to sort through the 1.5 million images that are upl

After Five Years Of Bootstrapping, Imgur Raises $40 Million From Andreessen Horowitz & Reddit

<a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a>, the image sharing service popular with Reddit users and a <a href="

Imgur Debuts An Analytics Platform For Pro Users And Advertisers

Bootstrapped and profitable image-sharing platform (and Yahoo acquisition target) Imgur is today introducing a new analytics platform that will allow both individual users and advertisers the ability

Vidme Brings Anonymous Video Sharing To Web, iPhone & Android

Following the <a href="">backlash</a> against YouTube's merging with Google+ for <a target="_blank" href="

Imgur Brings Its Meme Generation Utility To iPhone With New MemeGen App

Imgur, Reddit’s favorite image hosting service (and yours too, perhaps), is today bringing its Meme Generator, launched last summer on the web, to the iPhone. The utility allows users to quickly

Image-Sharing Site Imgur Says It Reaches 100M Unique Visitors Per Month

Meme-heavy image-sharing site <a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a> says that it has now grown 100 million unique monthly visitors. The company also says it's profitable, with paid Pro

Need A Meme? Why Not Use Imgur’s New Generator

<a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a>, the image host for Reddit and <a href="

Imgur’s Android App Officially Debuts, Content Creation Tools Coming Soon

<a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a>, the simple but popular photo-sharing site that's a favorite among Reddit's user base, is today "officially" launching its first mobile applica

Imgur, Reddit’s Favorite Photo Hosting Site, Now Serves Up Over 3.6B Pageviews To 56M Visitors Per Month

There aren't very many bootstrapped startups that can claim the kind of stats that the popular image sharing service Imgur, which won the Best Bootstrapped Crunchies award last year, can claim. Last m

Imgur Expands Its Revenue Streams With Latest API Update, Now Ready For Commercial Use

<a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a>, the popular photo-sharing site among users of Reddit, Digg and Facebook, is today announcing an overhaul of its API in an effort to make it easie

Imgur, Now With 1.2B Daily Image Views, Adds New Gallery, Sorting, Reputation Tracking To Its Buzzy Image-Sharing Service

Today, the popular image-sharing platform <a target="_blank" href="">Imgur</a> is announcing a significant change to its user experience in hopes of increasing the viral potential of

PR Done Right: Facebook Engineer Apologizes On Reddit For Blocking Imgur Links

Facebook software engineer Matt Jones has taken to Reddit to apologize to users for accidentally blocking popular image hosting site Imgur while working to catch malicious URLs. The image below was po

Imgur Now Sees 2 Billion Page Views A Month (And 3 Million Daily Uniques)

Imgur has a little piece of my heart. On long days (or really any day), as news picks up and I'm writing like a work horse or when news screeches to a halt and I'm bored out of my mind, Imgur is t

Imgur Wins Best Bootstrapped Startup, Sees 1 Billion Pageviews Per Month

Here at the <a href="">2011 Crunchies</a>, <a href="">Imgur</a>, the photo-sharing site made popular by the <a href="">Re
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