Need A Meme? Why Not Use Imgur’s New Generator

Imgur, the image host for Reddit and most of the internet, just launched its own meme creation tool. And it’s about the best meme generator available.

This timely launch comes days after the popular meme source, Quickmeme, was banned from Reddit for employing bots to downvote memes generated by competitors. Imgur’s tool wasn’t built overnight, though. It has been in the works for sometime and is just part of the image host’s move into content creation tools.

The company has long since wanted to become a destination site for viral images and image-based memes, similar to how YouTube has become the go-to destination for videos. We’ve previously speculated that this means Imgur will have to at some point develop its own meme or animated GIF generators, in order to help feed more content onto its servers.

And now it has.

Imgur’s new meme generator is refreshingly simple to use. Competing meme creation tools feel like they were built by drugged lab monkeys. They’re cluttered, overbearing, and force the user through multiple steps just to add a caption over top of a white girl crying about her iPhone. Imgur’s new system takes seconds to create a meme. It’s quick and easy, just the way Pepperidge Farm remembers it.