With Amo, the founder of Zenly wants to make social apps social again

In 2018, I wrote a TechCrunch article stating that 2018 was “the year social networks were no longer social.” Reflecting on that article, I’m not sure that 2018 was the turning point. But the pr

Amazon’s palm-scanning payment tech will now be able to verify ages, too

Amazon One, the retailer’s palm-scanning payment technology, is now gaining new functionality with the addition of age verification services. The company announced today that customers using Ama

Arizona becomes first state to offer driver’s license and state ID in Apple Wallet

Apple today announced that Arizona will become the first U.S. state to offer residents the ability to digitally store their driver’s license or state ID in Apple’s Wallet app. The company

Onfido raises $30M more for its AI-based identity verification technology

Malicious hackers and security breaches that have exposed personal information of millions of people have pushed the issue of online security into the spotlight, not just for individuals but for organ

id Mobile Job Posting Hints At Future Android Development

John Carmack sent chills down the backs of everyone watching his QuakeCon 2010 keynote address. All it took was a simple graphical demo of a RAGE port running on an iPhone at 60 fps. But during that s

QuakeLive now supports Linux and Mac

<img src="" alt="quakelive-linux" title="quakelive-linux" />I was talking just yesterday about <a href="

Video: Tremendous video of id Software from 1993 showing off then-in production Doom

<img src="" />Attention, gamers. Set aside 30 minutes today to watch this video from 1993. In it, employees of id Software, the now-legenda

Looks like id could be preparing a crazy good game for the iPhone

<img src="" />Apparently several video game developers, including id, consider the iPhone a proper gaming platform, one they can bend to

Id announces Doom 4

Like many of you, my first FPS gaming experience was Doom. It was on an old 486 with the “turbo” button engaged. It was maybe five frames a second and looked like shit, but back then it wa

Interview with John Carmack, 'id Mobile' coming soon

Interesting interview with John Carmack over on if you’re old enough to remember when Wolfenstein and Doom came out. I remember buying a $5 demo of Doom at an Egghead Software stor

Apple To Ramp Up Game Development?

Historically, Apple and gaming have gone together like oil and water. So it stands to reason that gaming might be the next mighty mountain for Apple to conquer. Announcements at WWDC from EA and id So

Sidekick Users To Get MySpace App

Talk about two years too late, but better late than never I suppose. T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and Sidekick ID users will finally have access to their spammed out MySpace accounts with a dedicated applicati

Id's CEO Says Piracy Killing PC Gaming Industry

The CEO of Id Software says that rampant piracy threatens to kill the PC gaming industry. Todd Hollenshead, speaking at the Game Developers Conference, said that more and more PC game developers are t

Molecular Identification, Coming Soon

MobileMagazine is reporting that scientists in the UK have developed a “molecule-based” ID tag–I guess technically any ID tag would be molecule-based, but I think they mean molecule-