Interview with John Carmack, 'id Mobile' coming soon

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Interesting interview with John Carmack over on if you’re old enough to remember when Wolfenstein and Doom came out. I remember buying a $5 demo of Doom at an Egghead Software store. Remember that place? I loved that store. Remember when you had to actually go to the store to get games? Ah, simpler times.

Anyway, the interview with Carmack is good. He’s starting a mobile division of id because, as he says, "I got a cell phone and thought the games on it were really bad and we could do a lot better." He’s got some really good insight on how the mobile game market works and why it’s so much more complicated and "ugly from a developer’s standpoint."

There’s also some criticism of Apple’s gaming initiative and he briefly touches on the upcoming Android platform. The first mobile game out of the chute will be a Wolfenstein title that we should see in about six months.

Carmack on id Mobile, Crap Games, and Why iPod Sucks [GameDaily] via Digital Trends

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