Looks like id could be preparing a crazy good game for the iPhone


Apparently several video game developers, including id, consider the iPhone a proper gaming platform, one they can bend to their will in order to create compelling gameplay experiences. Or, in reality, in order to create games that are fun for seven minutes at a clip while you’re in the subway. ANYWAY! It seems id is pretty bullish on the system, having already committed to two games for the platform, a typical mobile game (Wolfenstein RPG) and a “graphical tour-de-force.” Could this “tour-de-force” be a version of Quake III Maybe!

John Carmack, who’s great, recently told Joystiq, which is also great, that id’s currently playing around with an “internal hack-around project.” Should the project turn out “right,” sure, why not release it as a full game? This would be the “graphical tour-de-force,” as an id rep said that any such “tour-de-force” wouldn’t be a new IP. In this post-Mirror’s Edge world, why waste pretty graphics on an untested IP?