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  • Apple launches a new YouTube channel offering device tutorials

    Apple launches a new YouTube channel offering device tutorials

    Apple is expanding its social media outreach. The company has just launched a new YouTube channel to teach people how to use their Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad, via video tutorials. The first set of videos focus on common and fairly simple tasks, like taking screenshots, adding attachments to email, deleting photos, changing the wallpaper and more. The videos are short, with most… Read More

  • Learning Software Curious Releases First App On iPhone

    Curious Launches On The iPhone To Let You Watch Bite-Sized, How-To Lessons On The Go

    Following the launch of its iPad app in August, today Curious continues its expansion into mobile with the launch of its first native iPhone app. With its new app, users can now access Curious’ library of micro-video lessons — and learn the ukelele or how to dice a tomato — while on the go. Read More

  • Curious Brings Its “Learn Anything” Marketplace And Video Lesson Library To The iPad

    Curious Brings Its “Learn Anything” Marketplace And Video Lesson Library To The iPad

    Thanks to the steady march of technology into the world of education, it’s a great time to be a lifelong learner. Today, there are a growing number of platforms that allow us to search and discover (quality) learning content, across a wide variety of topics. Plus, thanks to the advance of technology that enables the speedy production and distribution of video at scale, the… Read More

  • Five Big Changes In The iOS 6 App Store (And What Developers Should Do)

    Five Big Changes In The iOS 6 App Store (And What Developers Should Do)

    Is the new iOS App Store a step forward or step back for mobile app developers, users, and the app economy overall? Some developers are complaining that since the introduction of the Chomp-inspired App Store redesign in iOS 6, sales have noticeably dropped. Others say the changes are good for indie developers. Whichever side of the coin you’re on, there are a number of reasons why… Read More

  • Six Lessons in Entrepreneurship

    Six Lessons in Entrepreneurship

    As much as we all strive to build sustainable and stand-alone companies, we’re living in a period of massive transformation and thus, consolidation and acquisition. As a result, many entrepreneurs build their businesses with potential acquirers in mind, choosing to grow at any cost instead of actually building a sustainable business that is solvent and profitable. GRP VC Mark Suster… Read More

  • Help Key: Watch Netflix from outside the U.S.

    You Americans have all the good stuff. Stuff like BP pumping oil in the Ocean and guns, lots of guns. And then you have Netflix and we people outside the U.S. are wondering what could it feel like to have a service like that. Now I know. Read More

  • How to stick a USB charger into your Camry

    Instructables has an interesting instruction set for adding a USB port to your car’s dashboard, thereby avoiding the “wall wart” that comes with most USB-charging devices for the car. Obviously you’re only sticking an old USB charger into the dashboard and cutting a hole for the port, but it definitely adds a touch of class to your auto. via Giz Read More

  • Help Key: Syncing and sharing on the iPad

    I did a quick exploration of the syncing and sharing features for the iPad and found them slightly confusing but, ultimately, robust. Here are a few issues/findings I think you’ll be interested in: No PDF support – You can drag ePub files over to your iPad and they will appear in the reader. However, you will need to convert all other formats. You can convert almost any format… Read More

  • Tip: Use packing peanuts to hold nails and screws in place

    Using a foam packing peanut to hold a nail or screw in place is brilliant. I like to think of myself as a pretty mild-tempered person but any time anybody’s asked my wife about the most angry she’s ever seen me, she always tells the story of when we first moved into our apartment here in Boston and I went around the house hanging our window blinds. Shoulda used peanuts. Read More

  • PSA: How to filter out iPad news using Google Reader

    In case you missed it, Apple announced the long-awaited iPad yesterday. And while there’s been no shortage of coverage by just about every technology-related blog on the planet, perhaps you’d like to be able to use Google Reader without every third post being about the device. If so, there’s a very simple search trick you can use to filter out all the iPad-related hoopla. Read More

  • Help Key: How to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers without user passwords

    Gather round, everyone. Gather round. I’m going to show you a trick that 98% of you will never use. But for the 2% of you that actually use the information contained herein, I hope you’ll consider removing at least part of the CrunchGear staff from your “People to Punch” list. Read More

  • How to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

    Before I go defile myself with burgers and beer I wanted to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS for you all. The process was amazingly simple. Using a Windows netbook – it doesn’t work under Windows 7 – I simply installed iTunes and ran purplera1n. It took a second to reboot then it rolled through recovery mode, rebooted, and an app called Freeze appeared. Freeze then installed Cydia and… Read More

  • How-to: Hassle your girlfriend with a Nerf robot

    This project, designed to piss off the creator’s girlfriend, is a tank with a Nerf gun, speakers, and remote controlled base. The resulting tank is pretty cool although the goal – to terrorize a woman who would live with a guy who would build such a magical thing – is a bit odd. Maybe he wants to be alone? Maybe he can reverse the suction on the Nerf gun. Read More

  • Office chair Twitters when you toot

    I’ve always said that Twitter was for bowel movement and someone out there seems to agree with me. This Instructable shows you how to add a sensor to your office chair that will listen for sounds of gastrointestinal distress and Tweets when it hears them. Read More

  • How not to waste money on this camera shell

    It’s tremendously snowy outside—not unlike that level in Donkey Kong Country. So the urge to go outside and snap, snap, snap away, taking photos of the lovely scenery, must be palpable. You might want to wrap your camera around in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements (that’s an old trick I learned in a class once), or, to look more middle class, slap this plastic… Read More

  • Seven steps to a bootable Windows 7 thumb drive

    I’ve been playing with Windows 7 Beta for a the past week or so and after loading it up on multiple machines I’ve learned a few things: 1. I hate waiting for DVDs to burn ISO images. 2. Half of my computers don’t have optical drives and I don’t want to buy an external one. 3. Creating a bootable USB thumb drive with Windows 7 loaded onto it is more complicated than it… Read More

  • Soldering for dummies me

    Make has a great piece on how to solder, a skill I’m sorely lacking. My buddy Paul actually built me a Nixie clock from scratch, soldering each freaking component on by hand. Impressive, to say the least. Read More

  • How to play the Resident Evil 5 demo on your unmodded American Xbox 360

    Capcom released the demo for Resident Evil 5 last week in Japan, but did you know that you, the average American Xbox 360 owner, can play it right now? It’s extraordinarily easy, since all you need is a bank CD or DVD and the wherewithal to burn a data disc. Are you ready? Read More

  • Help Key: How to buy a watch

    I’m just full of helpful hints this week. This one comes after seeing a comment on my other site, WristWatchReview about the BR02, a 1000M diver with a fairly striking design. I liked it when I saw it but at $4,800 I could probably pass. But did you know you could get it for a mere $168? Read More

  • Shut down your PC or Mac with a text message

    [ This fairly long video shows you how to create a mail trigger in Outlook to shut down your PC or Mac whenever you send a text message to your mailbox. It’s a pretty simple trick – I think I had this running back on an old Linux box when I was still on Sprint in like 2001 – but it’s nice to know it’s still possible. Read More

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