PSA: How to filter out iPad news using Google Reader

In case you missed it, Apple announced the long-awaited iPad yesterday. And while there’s been no shortage of coverage by just about every technology-related blog on the planet, perhaps you’d like to be able to use Google Reader without every third post being about the device. If so, there’s a very simple search trick you can use to filter out all the iPad-related hoopla.

Simply type -ipad in Google Reader’s search bar (or just use this direct link) and you’ll be presented with all the news items that don’t contain the word “iPad” anywhere in the title or body. After the results are presented, you can click either the “Expanded” or “List” link in the upper right-hand corner to view your news as you’re used to seeing it on a daily basis. Needless to say, this trick works for any other term as well.