How not to waste money on this camera shell


It’s tremendously snowy outside—not unlike that level in Donkey Kong Country. So the urge to go outside and snap, snap, snap away, taking photos of the lovely scenery, must be palpable. You might want to wrap your camera around in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements (that’s an old trick I learned in a class once), or, to look more middle class, slap this plastic shell on it. You need to show how well-off you are in these uncertain times.

The shell, which costs $14.96, is designed for point-and-shoots, specifically the Canon SD1100 and Sony SCS-W120. (Similar shells are available for SLRs.) It’s made of silicone, like every case or gadget shell manufactured since 2001.

You know what, no. Here’s haw to save some money: get a standard issue black plastic bag, wrap it around your camera, leaving a little bit of clear space where the lens and viewfinder is. Bam, your camera is now waterproof and you don’t have to paying shipping and handling charges.