• Don't Think About Seeing Jackass 3D Without These Crazy-Expensive Gucci 3D Glasses

    Ready for this? Unisex Gucci glasses optimized for RealD 3D productions. They’re stylish (so they say), coated with a high-tech multi-layered mirrored coating and are optically correct with a 6-base curved lense complete with circular polarization. $225 and available this holiday season. Because, you know, going to the movies isn’t expensive enough. Read More

  • Gucci Phone Fake Because I Say So

    On March 9th, Engadget Mobile fabricated a charming story on a Gucci-branded cellphone. After looking at the above-left picture for about 45 seconds, I realized it was Photoshopped to all hell and back and is never going to come out. Ever. I mean sure, with the recent announcement of that iPhone rip-off LG Prada phone, one could easily imagine the fashion house of Gucci coming out with a phone… Read More