The next DLC for GTA IV is The Ballad of Gay Tony

<img src="" />Not much info to give, but we (and just about every other Web site in existence) just got notice from Rockstar that a new DLC

Video: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned via Weazel News

<img src="" alt="" />Stuck at work and unable to play The Lost and Damned? Well, Xbox 360 owners, this may tide you over until you ge

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned is now available on Xbox Live

<img src="" />Just a reminder, sports fans, that Rockstar has released <i>Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned</i> DLC for the Xbox

Free Xbox LIVE for GTA IV and expansion

<img src="" />Soon you will be able to play <em>GTA IV</em> or its <em>The Lost and the Damned</em> expansion on Xbox LIVE for fre

Oh great, my Xbox 360 is flirting with the red ring of death

<img src="" />What a day. First <a HREF="

Rockstar launches GTA: The Lost and Damned site, complete with 2 new videos

<img src="" />Rockstar just opened up its <a HREF="">site</a>for the upcoming

Lost and Damned DLC for GTA IV detailed

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Rockstar Watch</a>

Nvidia, AMD release new drivers

AMD announced recently that they are releasing the next version of their Catalyst driver, 8.12. It’s currently available for download from their site. The new version of the driver includes spee

Yay: Grand Theft Auto IV uses SecuROM DRM (but gently)

You know how in trailers of terrible “family” movies there’s always a part where the announcers says, “Here we go again!” in that dumb “enthusiastic announcer guy voice”? Think of th

CrunchDeals: Pre-order GTA IV, get GTA: Vice City for free from Steam

GTA IV is set for a PC release on December 2 and Steam is currently offering Vice City for anyone who pre-orders before then. What are you waiting for? Pre-order

The NXE hard drive install only marginally improves game loading time

A round of applause for Eurogamer, which did the thankless task of testing out the NXE‘s HDD Install option and comparing it to normal method of playing games off the DVD. Several games of all s

Rockstar Games' Dan Houser says to expect GTA IV DLC release date in a few weeks

There’s a nifty, jargon-free interviewover at Variety with Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser. (Let’s just call Houser the czar of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.) In it, which you really ou

Some source: GTA IV DLC this November, count on it

Downloadable content (DLC) for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV should be available this November. Eurogamer, in true Woodward and Bernstein style, claim to have a source who swears up and

Rumor: GTA IV DLC coming in Q1 of 2009

Flickr’d VG247 seems to have the inside scoop that Rockstar will release DLC for GTA IV sometime in January or February. There are mixed signals as to when the content will arrive since MS claim

Take-Two (finally) makes EA do a re-do

EA has been after Take-Two since late last year. The process went public in February with Take Two letting EA’s offer expire five times. Now, EA has finally given up on its attempts to acquire Take

GTA IV sales didn't cause increase in console sales, NPD numbers show

Despite breaking sales records left and right, GTA IV didn’t cause any measurable uptick in console sales. That probably hurts Sony more than Microsoft, seeing as though the GTA series has, sinc

CrunchArcade: One month later, GTA IV still among top pirated video games

Grand Theft Auto IV is still among the top five torrented video games on Blackcats, the premiere, video game-specific, private BitTorrent tracker. With something like 970 seeders (the numbers fluctuat

EA, Take-Two deadline passed and nothing happened

Flickr’d EA’s self-imposed deadline vis-à-vis its proposed acquisition of Take-Two expired Friday with nary a peep from either company. EA, fond of money, offered to buy Take-Two, the pub

Video: The Big Fancy plays GTA IV for 24 hours straight, documents it for your viewing pleasure Admit it, some of you did this, too. You just didn’t have the guts to make a video. Some language NSFW, so find you

Will It Blend: Another series that's jumped the shark We get the point, Blendtec. You have a kickass blender that blends just about everything we fawn over these days. Of c
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