• Oh no he didn't: Zero Punctuation on GTAIV Am I playing Grand Theft Auto or playing Grand Theft Normal Boring Life? Read More

  • Big important study: Violent games so aren't bad for kids

    We’ve been saying for awhile that violent video games aren’t bad for kids, and now we’ve got research from Harvard to prove it. They spent nearly one and a half million dollars in four years following the habits of 1,200 kids. As it turns out, violent games are a good way for kids to relieve stress and it doesn’t roll over to real life in most cases. So it’s OK to… Read More

  • GTA IV glitches: Funnier than the activities of monkeys in a barrel I actually can’t believe there aren’t more glitches in this massive game but Game Trailers finds a few good ones. Wait for the amazing black hole at the end. via Kotaku Read More

  • Official: PS3 will "probably" see DLC for GTA IV

    Downloadable content? For my PS3 version of GTA IV? It’s more likely than you think, at least according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Reeves, who wouldn’t go so far as to confirm it’s coming, but was very vocal in saying “probably” to Downloadable content is one of the things Xbox owners like to hang over the heads of PS3 fans when it comes… Read More

  • Who says GTA causes violence?

    An 18-year-old kid in the UK was walking home after purchasing a copy of GTA IV when he was mugged and beaten by two ruffians who stole his game and broke his jaw. They were caught, likely for racking up a two-star wanted level. They should have hidden down with the bike in that alley. OK, this is getting way too real. You guys take care of each other out there, alright? The story here… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Calling out the Parents Television Council for saying you get 'drunk driving' points in GTA IV

    Two reasons why this article, “You get points for driving drunk in this game,” merits your attention. One, the author, Phil Villarreal, totally calls out a director of the Parents Television Council, the no-fun group that, for whatever reason, doesn’t want children playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto IV. Two, his name is Villarreal, the name of the subcampĂ©on of… Read More

  • Lawmakers propose bill to ID people buying games to make sure they won't be ruined for life

    So you know how all those people have been up in arms about the adult content in games like GTA IV? And how they think that the ratings need to be tougher? A few politicians don’t think they go far enough. They want to actually start using retail cashiers to police who buys what, IDing people when they purchase to make sure they’re of age. I’m OK with this for cigarettes… Read More

  • Iron Man vs. GTA IV: They're both winners!

    There was much speculation — especially on the part of this blogger — that the release of GTA IV the same week as Iron Man might hurt the films revenue, the idea being that nerds would be hunkered down with their Xboxes trying to finish the game, or that many had spent their monthly fun budget on the $60 game, with nothing left for Tony Stark. That’s not the case. In fact… Read More

  • Rockstar releasing GTA IV patch for PS3 sometime today

    Soon after GTA IV launched it was rather apparent that all the bugs weren’t squashed for the PS3 and the only solution Rockstar could muster up was to re-install. Sometime today, if it hasn’t already happened, Sony and Rockstar will release a patch to help alleviate the stress being put on the servers. “reducing the loads on the servers at GameSpy and hopefully the… Read More

  • EA says it's not desperate for Take-Two

    EA’s current offer for Take-Two is set to expire on May 16 and it’s highly unlikely that EA will up the bid like T2 thinks it should. Yes, GTA IV sold more than $500 million globally making it one of the most profitable ‘entertainment’ events. If you recall, Halo 3 sold $400 million in the first week. Take-Two’s stock closed yesterday at $26.35, which is 61… Read More

  • T2 sues CTA over GTA IV ads

    GTA IV is still in the news. This week, Take Two, the publisher of the game, is suing the Chicago Transit Authority for pulling the game’s ads out of bus terminals and shelters without explanation. Take Two paid Titan Outdoor, the group that handles advertising for the Authority, $300k for a six-week ad campaign. Titan Outdoor pulled the ads in response to a deadly crime wave that hit… Read More

  • Target taking advantage of GTA IV to push Mother's Day sales

    Brian over at Kotaku found this little ad by Target and I have to admit it’s pretty ingenious, but then again it’s pretty stupid. If I already owned GTA IV, what the hell would I be doing cruising around on Target’s site for? Nice try, Target. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Popularity of GTA IV could hurt Wii

    I hope you enjoyed your first weekend with Grand Theft Auto IV. I bet you didn’t even touch your Wii. Yeah, that could be a problem for Nintendo. The lack of GTA IV for the Wii has been noticed by Forbes, which says such a lack may “threaten” the Wii just as its existence on the PS3 may help revive Sony’s once-ailing console. (Not “ailing” in the sense that… Read More

  • Clive Thompson on GTA IV: Who puts this stuff here

    Socio-nerd Clive Thompson reviewed GTA IV with a rhetorician’s eye for detail, discussing the “why” of why he liked the game and how cool it is to play through and find little tidbits of sheer beauty in something that should just be an average shoot-em-up. I finally escaped by ducking into a subway station, and while catching my breath, I decided to explore a bit. Read More

  • Toned down GTA

    I love springtime! Read More

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  • GTA IV vs. Iron Man: It's on this weekend

    We talked back in March about how all of you nerds spending your time on GTA IV could mean a lull in sales for the opening weekend of Iron Man. Besides spending your weekly allowance on a $60 DVD, you’ll also likely be holed up without food or water, to engrossed in virtual drunk driving to go out and see a movie. This weekend we’ll find out. Iron Man opens on Friday nationwide, and… Read More

  • MADD: Drunk driving content should result in Adults Only rating for GTA IV

    GTA IV fever is far from over, and the controversies are still pouring in. But for one organization, it’s not the sexual content or graphic violence of the game that they find objectionable, it’s the in-game drunk driving. MADD, or Mothers Against an Average Weekend, released this statement today: Each year nearly 13,500 people die in drunk driving crashes and another half a… Read More

  • Rumor: Game lock-ups on many copies of GTA IV?

    How’s your GTA IV day going? We know many of you are skipping work and school and court dates to play the game, and that’s fine. We’re getting in varied reports of people getting lock-ups during the title screens. If you’ve got the game, is it working for you? Locking up? Have you had a virtual blow job yet? Let us know in the comments. Read More

  • Fake GTA IV offers account for 50 percent of today's spam

    Disappointed because you didn’t pre-order GTA IV and now can’t play it like everyone else? Even if that’s the case, don’t fall victim to e-mail hoaxes that, according to spam filtering house ClearMyMail, have accounted for more than 50 percent of all spam messages in the past day. Repeated for emphasis, because italics alone do not convey the gravity of the situation… Read More