• GTA IV crashing on your 60GB PS3? Re-install, baby

    There have been a few reports of GTA IV crashing on PS3s. The problem has been more or less identified as a problem with 60GB PS3 units, and Rockstar has advised that erasing your game data and reinstalling the game is the solution. Hmm. Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing people tried to avoid by buying consoles in the first place? Read More

  • GTA IV graphics comparison video If anyone is curious about the difference in graphics between the two consoles, Gamevideos released this video comparing the two side-by-side. I can’t really tell which one I like better. My… Read More

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    Unreasonable Stance: GTA IV isn't violent enough

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own John Biggs takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. Like all men of a certain age, I love violence, drugs, and fast cars. But I definitely don’t love Grand Theft Auto IV. Read More

  • Spoiler Alert: GTA IV walkthrough

    Well, a little ole game by Rockstar was released last night and I’m positive some of you have skipped out on work or class to play this morning. If that’s the case and you’re taking a tiny break between killing prostitutes or blowing things up then steer clear because I’m about to reveal a complete walkthrough of the game. Spoilers ahead. You’ve been… Read More

  • Milk, eggs and video games: Even the 'regular' media praises GTA IV

    “That” game comes out today, I think, and one of the best parts of its launch is seeing how the regular, non-gaming press handles it. For example, the New York Times has a cute little story describing gamers’ “craving” for the game. All the bases are covered, including the numbers (five million copies expected to be sold in the next two weeks; the industry as a… Read More

  • GTA IV expected to sell 9 million copies at launch

    GTA 4 Video (720p) – from Someone on Vimeo. Two years after it was announced and delayed, GTA IV launches tonight with little marketing and big dreams. It’s expected to sell 9 million copies at launch and make $400 million in the first week for Rockstar Games and Take-Two who is currently fending off EA in the hopes that GTA IV will up the ante. EA has already… Read More

  • Cheats for GTA IV leaked

    We’re still working on getting some face time with the game before launch, but CVG already has 16 cheat codes posted. That was quick. Read More

  • UPS employees pilfering GTA IV disks en route

    I’m not a fan of UPS, despite it starting in my hometown. They’re late, and when they show up at my apartment with a package (at least once a month) they knock so faintly my dog can’t hear it. Also, they apparently steal video game shipments. At least three UPS employees have been fired in the last 24 hours for stealing copies of GTA IV out of shipping boxes. I’ve… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Pirates downloading GTA IV like it's their job

    Yes, as we all know, Grand Theft Auto IV was leaked onto the Internet earlier this week. But just how many people have grabbed the game, roughly, from some of the bigger sites out there? Blackcats-Games, one of the biggest private, games-only BitTorrent trackers, has 45,747 users, of which a total of 4,207 users have snatched either the PAL or NTSC version. So, about 9 percent of those guys… Read More