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He’s Electric — Will A Revolutionary Black Box Turn Dale Vince Into Europe’s Elon Musk?

Dale Vince sits in a spartan office in the corner of <a target="_blank" href="">Ecotricity</a>, one of the UK's few green energy electricity networks, and taps away on an A

Google Makes Its First Renewable Energy Investment In Africa, Puts $12M Toward South African Solar Plant

Google today announced that it is investing $12 million in a 96 megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in South Africa. This marks Google's first renewable energy investment in Africa and its 12th overall

Google X Acquires Makani Power And Its Airborne Wind Turbines

After previously investing in the company, Google has now acquired Makani Power, a green energy startup that is currently building airborne wind turbines. The acquisition was first reported in Brad St

Google Asks Utilities To Make It Easier For Companies To Buy Renewable Energy

Google has long had an interest in renewable energy and has now invested more than $1 billion of its own money in alternative energy projects. However, as the company notes in a blog post and white pa

Google Invests $75M In Iowa Wind Farm, Bringing Its Total Green Energy Investments To Almost $1B

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it has invested $75 million in a 50 MW wind farm in Rippey, Iow

NEC Develops Zero Standby Power Semiconductor Tech

<img src="" /> <a href="">NEC</a> and a researcher from Japan's <a href="

Aquafairy FC Stick: Efficient mini fuel cell for gadget fans (video)

<img src="" /> <a href="

Japan to operate solar energy station in outer space

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency</a> (JAXA) has big pla

Japan field-tests floating wind turbine

<img src="" /> There can be no doubt "green" energy is becoming <a href="

Tokyo station lets passengers produce electricity (video)

<img src="" /> It was very busy today in Tokyo as Japan, too, loves the Christmas season. And Tokyo's Shibuya district, as on

New wind turbine for residential use to come soon

Japan-based housing and environmental equipment maker Nikko [JP] today said it plans to mass-produce a tiny wind turbine for home use by October next year. Nikko claims their new wind turbine unit wil