Aquafairy FC Stick: Efficient mini fuel cell for gadget fans (video)

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Fuel cells are on their way into the mainstream, even though the commercially available models are still pretty pricey. But there are companies like Kyoto-based Aquafairy [JP], for example, preparing affordable fuel cells, too. Their four new fuel cells are intended to make gadget fans in particular happy: the micro FC Stick (0.8W), the FC-Stick (2W), the FC-Cube (3W) and the FC-Cube Dual (6W).

The graphic above shows just a selection of gadgets that can be powered by these hydrogen/oxygen-based fuel cells (the video embedded below, for example, shows a robot that runs on two FC-Sticks). An FC-Stick can supply enough energy to charge a cell phone, while the FC-Cube is able to power a Nintendo DS. An FC-Cube Dual, connected to a lithium-ion battery, can power a standard notebook for about 3 hours.

Aquafairy is planning to sell their fuel cells, which consist of a power unit and a hydrogen cartridge, within this year (in Japan, at least). An FC-Stick, for example, will cost $22, with one cartridge setting buyers back $1.10 (the carts can be replaced).

Watch this video for more info (courtesy of DigInfoNews, Tokyo):

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