Aquafairy FC Stick: Efficient mini fuel cell for gadget fans (video)

Fuel cells are on their way into the mainstream, even though the commercially available models are still pretty pricey. But there are companies like Kyoto-based Aquafairy [JP], for example, preparing affordable fuel cells, too. Their four new fuel cells are intended to make gadget fans in particular happy: the micro FC Stick (0.8W), the FC-Stick (2W), the FC-Cube (3W) and the FC-Cube Dual (6W).

The graphic above shows just a selection of gadgets that can be powered by these hydrogen/oxygen-based fuel cells (the video embedded below, for example, shows a robot that runs on two FC-Sticks). An FC-Stick can supply enough energy to charge a cell phone, while the FC-Cube is able to power a Nintendo DS. An FC-Cube Dual, connected to a lithium-ion battery, can power a standard notebook for about 3 hours.

Aquafairy is planning to sell their fuel cells, which consist of a power unit and a hydrogen cartridge, within this year (in Japan, at least). An FC-Stick, for example, will cost $22, with one cartridge setting buyers back $1.10 (the carts can be replaced).

Watch this video for more info (courtesy of DigInfoNews, Tokyo):