• Twitter And Facebook Really Are Killing RSS (At Least For TechCrunch Visitors)

    Twitter And Facebook Really Are Killing RSS (At Least For TechCrunch Visitors)

    Earlier today, we ran a “TechCrunch 2010 In Review” post featuring some key data sent our way for 2010. Interesting stuff all around. However, as some people have noticed, in our top referrers for the year, Facebook is nowhere to be found. Further, Google Reader, an RSS reader, comes in number three! Is Facebook dying? Is RSS reborn? Nah. It would appear that… Read More

  • 2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    Given the success Apple has seen this year with the launch of the iPad, they decided to single out the device to give it its own “App of the Year” award. The winner? Flipboard. The social magazine app launched in July with some glowing reviews and since then, a few small updates have made it even better. But the update they’re releasing today makes it a lot better. So much… Read More

  • Google Rolls Out Phase One Of Revamped Groups: New Gmail/Reader-Like UI

    As if they weren’t busy enough releasing the Chrome Web Store, the Chrome OS test drive, and inadvertently letting the first Google +1 image leak, Google had one more trick up their sleeve today: the new Google Groups. Technically, Google is just previewing the new Google Groups user interface. “The new Google Groups user interface represents the first in a series of updates to… Read More

  • Saying "RSS Is Dead" Is Dead, Saying "RSS Is Not Dead" Is Not — Today.

    Saying "RSS Is Dead" Is Dead, Saying "RSS Is Not Dead" Is Not — Today.

    Of all the tech echo-chamber arguments, one of my favorites has to be the “RSS is dead” one. Sure, perhaps I’m a bit partial because Steve Gillmor set the discussion in motion in May of 2009 for TechCrunchIT. But it’s still interesting to watch all the sides swarm around the topic. But what’s most interesting lately is how for every one person that busts out the… Read More

  • Since October 7, 2005, I've Read 219,651 Stories Via RSS. You?

    Google Reader has been my go-to RSS reader since October 7, 2005. How do I know? A new update to the service today tells me that and a few other interesting tidbits about my reading habits. Technically, the big news of this update to Reader is a new fullscreen mode. I guess it’s nice to have in certain circumstances (just hit “f” to activate it). But to me that’s a… Read More

  • Total Recall: Sentimnt lets you search and retrieve information from your social feeds

    I’ve often found myself countering the argument that the Internet is making us dumber by citing Google as a second brain: the search engine lets us remember stuff that we didn’t actually know, which is sort of true as connectivity becomes ubiquitous. But what if there was a service designed specifically to retrieve information that we have already come across but didn’t… Read More

  • Google Reader Latest To Kill IE6 Support; Also Axes Offline Support, But Simplifies Social

    Back in January, Google announced it was removing Google Docs and Sites support for older browsers such as IE6. Starting June 1, it’s doing the same for its popular Google Reader product. And that’s not the only thing they’re removing — gone as well is Gears support. But to make up for those loses, they have added something in their “Spring Cleaning” —… Read More

  • Reeder 2.0: Finally, An Awesome iPhone Feed Reader Arrives

    Reeder 2.0: Finally, An Awesome iPhone Feed Reader Arrives

    One of about a half dozen tabs that I always have open in my web browser on my desktop or laptop is Google Reader. Even though other sources such as Twitter and Facebook are now better at uncovering news more quickly, Reader remains a great catch-all backup plan for the content I read online. But I’m increasingly finding myself browsing for news on my iPhone. And sadly, all the Google… Read More

  • Google Reader Makes A More Visual Play

    Google launched a new service today in from its Labs called Google Reader Play. It is a more visual way to browse through the most popular items being saved and shared on Google Reader. When you launch it, you are presented with a large photo, video, or text excerpt on the main part of the screen, and can flip through by clicking on arrows or selecting an item from the filmstrip at the bottom… Read More

  • Google News Tries Sharing With Facebook, But Where's The Buzz Button?

    Google News is testing out a new design, as I reported earlier this month. It includes trending topics on the left and new personalization options. But today someone in the bucket test noticed something different. The sharing options changed. Each story can be shared via email, Google Reader, or Facebook. Most people won’t see this. It is just in a limited test. But it does… Read More

  • Google Buzz Boosts Sharing On Google Reader By 35 Percent

    Social sharing is becoming a big contributor to traffic for many sites. While Facebook and Twitter drive more sharing than any other services, Google is trying to compete with Buzz, which is now part of Gmail but shares links to article and blog posts through Google Reader. Over the past month, according to AddThis, sharing through Google Reader is up 35 percent, with a big jump on February… Read More