Google Instant

  • After Amazon, Masterobjects Takes Google To Court Over Instant Search Patent

    Yesterday, I broke the story of a small search software outlet named Masterobjects taking on in a notable patent infringement lawsuit. The patent-in-suit, US patent no. 7,752,326, describes a method to immediately start showing search results even while a user is still typing his query into the search box – instant search if you will. Well, turns out Google is indeed the… Read More

  • Google Instant Previews: Get Ready To Be 5% More Likely Satisfied With Google Search

    Google Instant Previews: Get Ready To Be 5% More Likely Satisfied With Google Search

    I can’t recall something we’ve gotten tipped about more than Google Instant Previews. Even after we wrote about it appearing in the wild a month ago, the tips kept flowing in. Even just yesterday we received two more: “NEW GOOGLE FEATURE!!!” We appreciate the tips, and I’m happy to say today that you can stop sending this specific one. Because Google is… Read More

  • Google Instant Brings Search As You Type To The iPhone. Cool, But Pretty Hard To See

    Two months ago, when they first unveiled Google Instant, Google let everyone know that it would be coming to mobile devices this fall. Sure enough, it’s here, in beta form. While the feature hit some Android devices about a week ago, today it has arrived for the iPhone as well. I’ve just loaded up on my device and sure enough, right below the search box and location… Read More

  • Surf Canyon Adds "Fully Dynamic" Instant Search

    Capitalizing on the “everything instant” trend, relevancy based search startup Surf Canyon launches their “Fully Dynamic Search” this week, in order to make searches on its site and more importantly its browser extension more pertinent to users. What’s unique about Surf Canyon as opposed to search engines like Google and Bing is that it serves up results based on… Read More

  • Google's Marissa Mayer on Google Instant

    Google Instant Gets Even More Instant With More Features And New Countries

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Google’s Marissa Mayer took the stage to talk with our own Michael Arrington. But before her talk she had a couple new things to announce. Specifically, new things about the recently-announced Google Instant. Mayer invited a couple Google employees up on stage to show off a couple new Google Instant features. One allows you to use… Read More

  • Google Instant: Energy Saver or Sucker?

    When Google Instant debuted on September 8th, the search company touted its efficiency. As TechCrunch has previously reported, Google Instant saves web users time by delivering results more quickly than other engines, and Google’s earlier search products. Marissa Mayer Google’s vice president of search products and user experience, estimates Google Instant could save a collective… Read More

  • Google Adds Instant To Chrome Labs In Chromium (Windows Only, For Now)

    Google Instant is great — but I rarely use it. Why? Because I simply don’t go to that often. That’s not to say I don’t search Google a lot — I do — I just use the Omnibox in Chrome for almost all of my searches. When Google launched Instant, they noted that it would be added to browser for people like me “in the next few months“. Read More

  • Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Like many people today, I read Jose Antonio Vargas’ 6,000-word profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The New Yorker. Unlike some, I found it neither boring nor damaging, but rather, thought-provoking. But actually, the thing that stuck out the most to me about the piece (beyond The West Wing stuff, which I still find humorous/interesting) wasn’t about Zuckerberg at all. Read More

  • Google Maps, Like YouTube, Get Instantized

    Google Maps, Like YouTube, Get Instantized

    So Gmail Instant would actually be useful, but seriously what’s next, Google Calendar Instant? Google Image Search Instant? Okay, maybe those would be helpful too. In fact it’s really difficult to think of a Google service that wouldn’t benefit at least slightly from Instantization. Inspired by Google Instant and the story of engineer Feross Aboukhadijeh,¬†who got a YouTube… Read More

  • Google Instant Inspires Lyric Search Music Videos

    After the tens of thousands of blog posts about the ultimate usefulness of Google Instant, the inevitable crows of people who hate change, and the valid complaints people with slightly NSFW names who can no longer find themselves on live updating search, we can all agree that the above videos of Tom Lehrer’s “Elements” song and Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start… Read More

  • Another Instant Music Video

    Ok, so not only is Google Instant rejiggering how we think about search, but it is also a clever way to create instant music videos. We saw this with the official Google Instant version of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (where the lyrics on the flash cards get typed into Google and create a stream of related results). But now the same thing has been done with… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer On Google Instant, SEO, Ad Sales & Power Steering (TCTV)

    After Google’s search event this morning, TechCrunch TV got a chance to catch up with Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience, in the demo pit. In our brief video interview, an enthusiastic Mayer touts Google Instant as a “whole new way to search,”a game changer akin to the introduction of power steering in the automotive industry. Read More

  • What's Next For Google Search? Two Icons May Hold The Clue

    What's Next For Google Search? Two Icons May Hold The Clue

    Over time, we’ve scooped things ranging from Facebook Places to various Chrome OS features simply by digging through code put out there in public. What’s great about doing this is that it negates the inevitable non-denial denials from companies when you ask about these features. Code doesn’t lie. Neither do images. And the latter may reveal two upcoming features destined… Read More

  • No, Google Didn't Just Kill "I'm Feeling Lucky" — They Just Moved It

    I noticed something interesting while watching the Bob Dylan Google Instant video during Google’s search event today: some new text next to the drop down search suggestions. Guess what it is? The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. So, no, Google didn’t kill the feature as Business Insider stated today. Well, technically they did kill the button — but the… Read More

  • Bob Dylan Shows Off Google Instant — Google's Second Commercial, Perhaps? [Video]

    During their Search event today, Google’s Marissa Mayer highlighted the fact that the search giant ran their first real commercial this year during the Super Bowl. If they choose to run a second, I think they have it. Later in the event, Mayer introduced a clip they put together using Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” music video. It’s a smart idea because… Read More

  • Google Instant Is Less About Speed Than It Is About Volume

    Google Instant Is Less About Speed Than It Is About Volume

    Google really did just change the game in search today with the introduction of Google Instant. While Google execs at today’s event emphasized how much faster it makes search, Google Instant is really about showing you more search results. And this will have very interesting implications for consumers expectations of what they want from search, search market share, and how sites try… Read More

  • Google Instant Coming Natively To Browsers "In The Next Few Months"

    Google Instant Coming Natively To Browsers "In The Next Few Months"

    Today at the Google Search event in San Francisco, the search giant unveiled Instant, a huge new feature that allows users to search in real time (without hitting the search button). It looks to be an awesome product that will save users a lot of aggregate time. But that’s on I rarely use anymore. I want it in the Chrome Omnibox. That’s coming soon… Read More

  • Google Instant For Mobile Coming Later This Fall

    Today at their Search event, Google showed of a huge update: Google Instant. As you can probably guess, this is a way to search in realtime simply by typing. While this new feature is rolling out on Google for users in the U.S. today (and the world shortly), that’s only on But Google gave a sneak preview of what’s coming next: Google Instant for Mobile, coming… Read More