No, Google Didn't Just Kill "I'm Feeling Lucky" — They Just Moved It

I noticed something interesting while watching the Bob Dylan Google Instant video during Google’s search event today: some new text next to the drop down search suggestions. Guess what it is? The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

So, no, Google didn’t kill the feature as Business Insider stated today. Well, technically they did kill the button — but the feature remains intact. To use it now, you simply hover over one of the search suggestions in the drop box and move to the right and click on the link.

And when you click on this link, it does the same thing as it previously did — take you to the page it thinks you wanted to go to. Or, as commenter Jarred Taylor notes, you can also now just hit the right arrow button on your keyboard when the result is highlighted and it will take you to the “lucky” result.

Business Insider’s larger point remains intact though: how this change will affect Google’s bottom line remains to be seen. But overall, Google is still feeling lucky, punk.