Google Instant For Mobile Coming Later This Fall

Today at their Search event, Google showed of a huge update: Google Instant. As you can probably guess, this is a way to search in realtime simply by typing. While this new feature is rolling out on Google for users in the U.S. today (and the world shortly), that’s only on But Google gave a sneak preview of what’s coming next: Google Instant for Mobile, coming “later this Fall.”

While Google Instant is awesome on a desktop or laptop, it will arguably be even more useful on mobile. “Typing on a phone is just slower, so the feedback is even more useful,” Google engineer Othar Hansson noted.

This was demoed on stage today, but only on a Android device. It’s not yet clear if this will be available for other mobile phones as well. There will be a Q&A after the event so I’m sure someone will ask about this. I suspect it will be available on other popular smartphones, like the iPhone — Google is all about search, they don’t care where you do it. Stay tuned.

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