• Detroit To Finally Get Fiber-Optic Internet Thanks To Dan Gilbert

    Detroit To Finally Get Fiber-Optic Internet Thanks To Dan Gilbert

    High speed fiber optic internet is coming to downtown Detroit thanks to Dan Gilbert’s Rock Ventures. The investment group recently confirmed that construction is underway on a fiber-optic network starting in the downtown area. The network, dubbed Rocket Fiber, will serve residents and businesses and will offer internet connection 100 times faster than current services, Crain’s… Read More

  • Verizon Tests Gigabit Internet Access Using Current Infrastructure

    Verizon has tested gigabit Internet access “in the field,” that is, at actual locations and not merely in some laboratory somewhere. (This, as the company tries to say that providing broadband to Americans will be damn near impossible in the future. Odd.) We really are reaching the point where there is very legitimate reason to have gigabit Internet access, based on current… Read More

  • Linksys WRT350N 802.11n Gigabit Router

    Not only does this WRT350N have MIMO draft-802.11n routing capabilities, which means you can get next-generation’s wireless today, it’s a gigabit router as well, so you can transfer your files around your network home network at speeds The Flash would be envious of. All this wireless and wired speed can help you connect your various PCs together in a Michael Jackson/Paul… Read More